Toddler’s response to cashier that said to buy a doll that “Looks like” her is going viral

Like a lot of parents, Nick and Brandi Benner reward their kids with special surprises when they reach milestones in their life. After their daughter Sophia was able to use the restroom on her own for one month, they rewarded her with a trip to the store to buy a doll.

Sophia picked out a doll, went to pay for it, but then the cashier asked the little girl if she was going to a birthday party. Sophia didn’t know how to respond to the question.

According to Sophia’s mom Brandi, this is how the conversation went:

 “She then pointed to the doll and asked Sophia if she picked her out for a friend. Sophia continued to stare blankly and I let the cashier know that she was a prize for Sophia being fully potty trained. The woman gave me a puzzled look and turned to Sophia and asked, ‘Are you sure this is the doll you want, honey?’

Sophia replied, “Yes, please!” but the cashier still didn’t understand. The cashier said “But she doesn’t look like you. We have lots of other dolls that look more like you.”

The cashier’s words didn’t sit well with mom, but Sophia had the best response.

“Yes, she does. She’s a doctor like I’m a doctor. And I’m a pretty girl and she’s a pretty girl. See her pretty hair? And see her stethoscope?”

Amazing the amount of wisdom this little Sophia has!

Sophia’s mom Brandi had this to say about the doll buying experience:

“This experience just confirmed my belief that we aren’t born with the idea that color matters. Skin comes in different colors just like hair and eyes, and every shade is beautiful.”

If this story of true inner beauty and looking past skin color inspired you, share it with your friends and family 🙂

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