Why THE GRINCH (2018) Moved Hobby Lobby President’s Daughter to Tears


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It happened all at once. Tears streaming down my face. Zion and I had the newest edition of “The Grinch” (2018) on in the background as we were playing. I hadn’t been listening to much of it – and she wasn’t interested either. (She hasn’t gotten into shows or movies yet, and I’m great with that!) But at the end of the movie (*spoiler alert*) Cindy Lou invites the Grinch to their Christmas dinner. Bewildered, the Grinch says “But why would you want me there? I stole all your gifts!” That’s when I hear Cindy Lou’s reply: “‘cause, you’ve been alone long enough.” 😭😭 As soon as I heard it, all at once, playing with my daughter in the floor of our home, I was in tears. Staring in her eyes, thinking how this would be her first Christmas with a forever family. Not her first Christmas – but her first Christmas with us. Never to spend a day in an orphanage again. 🖤🖤 Because everyone deserves to have a family and belong. Because no one should be alone – not even the Grinch. #adoption #chinaadoption #christmas #thegrinch #foreverfamily #neveralone

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