Why Actress Eva LaRue Leans on Hope, Prayer, Faith During Quarantine

Photo via Eva La Rue on Instagram

Why Actress Eva LaRue Leans on Hope, Prayer, Faith During Quarantine

By Cooper Dowd, Contributing Writer

Although many aspects of the entertainment industry changed in the wake of COVID-19, Emmy award-winning actress Eva LaRue is leaning on hope, prayer and faith to get through the uncertain times.

The confines the pandemic has put on the entertainment industry forced many studios, streaming services and other content creating platforms to get creative.

PureFlix capitalized by producing a limited series called FINDING LOVE IN QUARANTINE, starring the co-founder of PureFlix, David White, and LaRue, who recently won a Daytime Emmy for her guest performance on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS.

“They ended up calling me in the middle of the quarantine and said, ‘hey, we have this idea for a little limited series, would you be interested in doing it?” says LaRue. “I’d worked with him [David White] and done a movie with him about five years ago called DANCER AND THE DAME for PureFlix.”

According to LaRue, FINDING LOVE IN QUARANTINE took creative steps to film the timely show under the quarantine regulations.

“It was really fun and a really great experience and I think it turned out really sweet and charming,” said LaRue. “I thought it was beautifully topical.”

Filming was not without its challenges, though.

“We [were] going to have everyone take COVID tests before shooting,” added LaRue. “[White] worked with his real daughter and they worked in their house and it was just the two of them and the cameraman/director and then Stacey Dash and I shot in a separate location and did a similar thing.”

LaRue recognizes both the fright of the pandemic and the beauty of forced self-reflection.

“Probably never again in our lifetimes, will there be such a forced time of self reflection,” LaRue said. “We’re always going, going, going, and doing, doing, doing that there really isn’t enough time for self-reflection.  But we couldn’t get away from it here.”

LaRue noted that the emotional response to this uncertain time is erratic, ugly, and beautiful all at the same time.

“Like the future is usually something that we all have hope for. Right?” LaRue said. “You know that there’s an opportunity for it to always be better or get better, like we’re going to rise out of this. I think the interesting thing about this time is that we just don’t know when that will happen, and that it might get worse before it gets better.”

However, LaRue also sees an excellent opportunity for the world to respond with prayer.

“For me, it was really finding a daily practice of my meditation and my prayer…” LaRue said. “I decided to do like the 21-day meditation challenge… to stay on task with keeping grounded and stable.”

Humans need community, and the time of self-reflection and prayer made LaRue appreciate face-to-face interaction.

“We’re so used to being a society of texters, but I think the great thing that this quarantine brought back to us was the real need to see and have face-time with other people,” LaRue said.

The message of love, prayer, and faith found in FINDING LOVE IN QUARANTINE is important because it builds a unified community and offers hope to a troubled world.

“Hope and faith is the overriding thing that I hold on to right now,” LaRue said.

“It’s gonna be okay. Like, we’re not going to be okay right now. That’s true,” LaRue added. “But patience, compassion, love, acceptance, tolerance, self-reflection, and service to others; those are all the things that I think restore our faith.”

To watch the show, click here.