‘A Blessing From God’: Kathie Lee Gifford Shares How She Found Out She Would Be a Grandmother

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‘A Blessing From God’: Kathie Lee Gifford Shares How She Found Out She Would be a Grandmother

By Movieguide® Contributor

Kathie Lee Gifford recently shared that her son Cody and his wife, Erika Brown, are expecting a baby. She’s now opening up about the special way she found out she was going to become a grandma. 

“I had just arrived home to begin my book tour on the Today Show the next morning,” she told People. She was sitting around the table with Cody, Erika, and longtime friend Christine Gardner.

“Cody and Erika handed both of us something that was wrapped and asked that we please open it at the same time. It was a two-sided frame and mine read, ‘Can’t wait to meet you Grandma’ on one side and on the other was a photo of Cody and Erika holding their ultrasound,” she continued.

“It took a moment to crystallize to me that this was their baby which meant that it was my baby too and I freaked and ran to hug Erika and so did Christine. To which Cody said, ‘What about me?’” Gifford laughed. 

Gifford is overjoyed to welcome her future grandchild, saying, “This is a blessing from God in His way and in His timing.”

She also can’t wait to watch her own children become parents: “I have long believed just by watching my children with other children and babies for years now that they are both made for parenthood and I’m so grateful that they both chose partners who are equally so.”

Movieguide previously reported on the couple’s pregnancy announcement, saying:

The Movieguide® Visionary Award Winner shared a video of the couple dancing at their wedding. The clip then cuts to a positive pregnancy test and ends with an announcement that the baby is due in June of next year. 

The scripture James 1:17 is also displayed in the announcement: “Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.” 

“I am over a blue or pink moon!!!” Gifford captioned her post. “I don’t care which. So so happy for you both, @mrsamerikagifford, and for our family. Praise our Living and Loving God!”