Actress Kat Graham Opens Up About the Power of Generosity



Actress Kat Graham Opens Up About the Power of Generosity

By Cooper Dowd, Staff Writer

Tis the season to give — unless you’re actress Kat Graham and want to be generous year round to inspire the community.

“That is magical to me, it really is; to remember that you actually have the power to not give to yourself but to make other people’s lives better,” Graham said. “I dream of having the Christmas spirit all year and remembering that magic all year; you don’t have to wait till the end of the year to be of service to humanity.” 

The actress spoke to Movieguide® for her latest project, Netflix’s OPERATION CHRISTMAS DROP.

“That, for me, is the most important thing, especially with the year that we’ve all had,” Graham told Movieguide®. “This year, things that we thought we were going to have in our life throughout the year were no longer there. People that we thought we’re going to be in our lives might no longer be here, or the relationships have shifted. This was a huge year of growth but a really huge year of transition–sometimes, transitions that we didn’t want to have.”

Graham continued: “When we talk about how we want to end this year, I really think it’s important to give. Because a lot of people… are suffering or can’t go home for the holidays or aren’t around their family or lost their job or lost their home and to feel the Christmas spirit and what makes life magical is when you remember that you have the power to make this world a better place.” 

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Graham said her personal history plays a major role in why she wants to live generously and serve her community.

“I was born in Geneva, Switzerland. My grandfather was in the Liberian civil war and he fled and winded up working for the UN. My grandmother was in the Holocaust and then she became a refugee because they had to flee Europe. So on both sides of my family there have been refugees and had they not survived or found the protection that they desperately needed I wouldn’t exist,” she said.

“I also know, as somebody that grew up the way I grew up, I didn’t have protection the way I wanted to have protection. There’s a lot of children out there that don’t have that support and don’t have that protection, and I owe it to them to see them,” Graham continued.

“That weight, for me, is obviously my work with the UNHCR, but it’s also doing a movie like this where you want to represent the ones that don’t have a voice or don’t have the support that they need and don’t have the recognition they deserve.”  

OPERATION CHRISTMAS DROP is available now on Netflix and is an excellent watch for the whole family! Be sure to check out Movieguide®’s full review of OPERATION CHRISTMAS DROP starring Kat Graham! 

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