BLOOD AND TREASURE Is Full of Adventure

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BLOOD AND TREASURE Is Full of Adventure

By Jason Mills, Contributing Writer

BLOOD AND TREASURE is a drama television series full of action and adventure available on Amazon Prime. The series follows a former FBI agent, Danny McNamara, and an elusive art thief, Lexi Vaziri, whose complicated history unites them together once again to track down and stop the known terrorist Karim Farouk. Farouk funds his operations by selling stolen treasures and ancient artifacts.

Farouk, played by Oded Fehr, is after the sarcophagus of the ancient Egyptian Queen Cleopatra and plans to release historic terror on the western world. Danny, played by Matt Barr, and Lexi, played by Sofia Pernas, race around the world in an attempt to find Cleopatra before Farouk and stop his next ruthless scheme.  

Danny and Lexi travel all around the world following clues left by the Nazis, who were the first to remove Cleopatra from her tomb. The Nazis believed that she possessed supernatural power that Germany could weaponize. While Danny and Lexi follow the footprints of the Nazis, they’re constantly being pursued by local law enforcement, Farouk’s terrorists, the Italian mob and a secret society known as “The Brotherhood of Serapis.” There is no shortage of adventure in this series.  

The show has occasional use of mild language and there is some sexual humor and innuendo. Female characters often wear tight, revealing clothing. Other sexual content includes a topless ancient statue of an Egyptian woman. The show also contains implied pre-marital sex between characters. 

The show includes some violence, including explosions, shooting, knives, and hand-to-hand combat. And while there is some blood, it is not excessive or gory. There is some distressing footage of people inhaling and suffering from a toxic chemical.

BLOOD AND TREASURE has a mixed worldview. One character is a Catholic priest. Danny strives to do the right thing and maintain his integrity. Cleopatra’s coffin is thought to have supernatural powers/is cursed, representing a false religious worldview pertaining to the ancient Egyptians. The show also includes Islamic extremists. There are also some pagan/occult elements in one flashback scene.

BLOOD AND TREASURE also takes on a humanistic approach with the ideas such as being true to yourself and the ends justify the means. 

Overall, BLOOD AND TREASURE contains some cautions for violence, worldview and sexual content. It is not recommended for younger families, but is acceptable for teenagers and adults with discernment.


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