Candace Cameron Bure Announces New Devotional Guide ‘Radical Kindness: Jesus Every Day’

Photo from Candace Cameron Bure’s Instagram

Candace Cameron Bure Announces New Devotional Guide ‘Radical Kindness: Jesus Every Day’

By Movieguide® Staff

Outspoken Christian and actress Candace Cameron Bure recently discussed her upcoming book, “Radical Kindness: Jesus Every Day Devotional Guide.”

“What if reading the Bible wasn’t overwhelming but life-changing? This easyto-read, beautifully designed reflection guide series by Candace Cameron Bure removes the intimidation of Bible study and helps you reflect on the Bible’s life-changing principles. In this devotional guide, you’ll find 24 sessions with meaningful Bible verses and four easy-to-answer questions that will motivate you to courageously live out your faith by following Jesus’ example of showing kindness,” the Google Reads synopsis states.

The former FULL HOUSE star is no stranger to sharing how her daily walk as a Christian in Hollywood affects every area of her life.

The release comes just months after Bure sold out her “One Step Closer” Bible on Amazon.

In an interview with Vogue Mexico, the 44-year-old actress discussed how God’s love transformed her life.

“I started going to church with my family at age 12, and it was then that I learned about the faith of Christianity and Jesus. But it wasn’t until my early 20’s, actually when I had kids at 22, that I started thinking about my faith, wanting to learn more and making sure my faith is because I really believed and not because of what my family had taught me about in whom [I] should believe or what to believe,” Bure said. “And yes, my breaking point was at 22-23 years old when I read the Bible, because even though I always considered myself a Christian I never really read it and doing so opened my eyes so much that I delved deeply into my faith, and I wanted to share with everyone on the good news of Jesus.”

Bure said that one point from the book she wants to practice more is biblical forgiveness.

“The United States feels so divided, with so many conflicts. People have forgotten to be nice to each other. I love the whole book [of Ephesians], but specifically chapter 4, from verse 25 to what follows, portrays speaking truthfully; Let go of lying, not being upset or cynical, and in verse 32 he says: ‘Be kind and compassionate to the other, forgive as God forgives you too,'” Bure recited. “That verse means so much to me, it’s a reminder to be kind and compassionate to all, whether they are friends, whether we agree or not, whether we have the same beliefs or not. As a Christian, it is about acting as God taught us.”

She continued: “Yes, you should never expect anything in return when you are nice, because that is not what it is… That is why I always return to my relationship with God, because I know that I do not deserve the kindness that he extended to me, nor did any of us. When it is difficult to extend kindness to someone, I have to remember that God extended it to me first, and it is the least I can do to be grateful for what He gave me, to extend that kindness back to others.”

As a public figure, Bure confessed that there is pressure to keep up an appearance of kindness. However, Bure said that it is something that genuinely flows from her heart.

“Well, sometimes it is complicated. That I assure you, because you are right; I am genuinely a happy and positive person. I don’t like even being with myself when I’m in a bad mood, because I don’t feel good,” Bure joked. “But clearly, it’s difficult when you’re a public figure and people come to meet you.”

She continued: “I have also learned that this is part of my life. So I must choose to smile because that person will remember it… Yes, I can’t please everyone, I mean, not everyone is going to think that I’m a great person, and that’s fine, but I do try to do my best, although sometimes it’s really difficult, and I have to answer some messages.”

Bure noted that even when she receives backlash, she works to respond with truth but in love.

“Just because you are on television does not mean that you are not a real person,” Bure said. “And also that being nice does not mean that you are weak or a coward. You should always put your face up for yourself, and speak the truth with love. You can do it in a kind and classy way. That’s what I at least try every time I reply to people who are not so nice to me.”

Bure announced that her new devotional guide would become available on April 6.