ESPN College Football Analyst Trusts God’s Plan: ‘Love Where God Has Me’

Photo from David Pollock’s Instagram

ESPN College Football Analyst Trusts God’s Plan: ‘Love Where God Has Me’

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Former Georgia Bulldog and NFL player David Pollack fully rests in God’s plan and joined the “Gridiron and the Gospel” podcast to discuss his life. 

In his second season in the NFL, Pollack suffered from a fractured C-6 vertebrae, which forced him to retire from the game he loved. 

However, Pollack turned his trial into a testimony and became a college football broadcaster. 

“I love where God has me, and I don’t want to go to the next chapter until He’s ready for me to move on,” he said on the podcast. “That’s my prayer all the time. ‘You’ve got me here for a reason. Please show me what it is. Help me understand it.’”

Right now, God has Pollack speaking at different events, writing a book and hosting a podcast with his pastor called “Family Goals.” 

“God gave us all unique gifts and unique talents and He made you like He did on purpose for a purpose,” Pollack said.

Communicating the gospel’s impact to kids and families is important to the former football player. 

In a clip from the Family Goals podcast, Pollack discusses the importance of instilling God’s word into children.

“You want your kids to be successful, you want your kids to use the right language, you want your kids to believe the right things, you want your kids to talk a certain way, to act a certain way,” Pollack said. “Are you following that with what you let them watch? Are you following that with what you let them listen to? Because the more you let them listen and watch things that are not of God, the more you desensitize them to sin. The more you desensitize them to things that truly matter.”

Pollock prioritizes his family, too. He coaches his son’s football team and helps his daughter on the basketball court.

“Saturdays, man, they’re glorious,” he expressed. “It’s been really fun to build our own traditions now…My life was usually 9,000 miles an hour…and I’ve been really soaking in having some time at home.”

In a photo shared on his Instagram, Pollack expressed his gratitude for his journey. 

Pollack wrote, “The day I broke my neck was the best day of my life. 16 years ago today everything I grew up wanting to be was taken away in one hit. When we find ourselves broken, God’s peace comforts our spirit because He has a perfect plan and a purpose in our pain. #EveryDayCounts

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