COLORS OF CHARACTER Presents the Way to Faith, Civil Rights, Racial Reconciliation

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COLORS OF CHARACTER Presents the Way to Faith, Civil Rights, Racial Reconciliation

By Dr. Diane Howard, Contributing Writer

COLORS OF CHARACTER: AN ARTIST’S JOURNEY TO REDEMPTION tells the amazing, captivating story of prolific artist Steve Skipper. He has broken down walls of racism in the world of fine art with his God-given talent.

Steve Skipper is an untrained artist who has received unprecedented recognition in the world of sports and civil rights art. Once a drug-addicted gang member in Birmingham, Skipper went to church on a dare and encountered Christ.

Skipper used his new-found faith to infuse his art. Skipper seized opportunities that only God could have provided. He quickly began gaining notoriety in the sports world for his meticulous artistic style of super-realism.

Churches can share his story by showing COLORS OF CHARACTER as part of a new partnership between Fathom Events and Faith Content Network.

Together, they launched Faith Affinity Network, or FAN, that supports a network of churches to distribute first-run, first-rate faith, family movies across the country.

Churches can host events for free once approved and even potentially share in the box office receipts.

Ahead of these events, Dr. Diane Howard sat down with Skipper to learn more about his incredible testimony.

Dr. Diane Howard has an exclusive, inspiring interview with Steve Skipper in which he  shares some of the details of his life including how God has guided his art, even his paint strokes:

DH: In your life and work, what are important take-aways from your redemptive journey?

SS: God led me from a gang. He has used many races, many sacrifices, many standing against their own people in my journey.

DH: How did you discover Truth?

SS: At 16, I was in a very bad and evil situation. I was with a very bad gang with a .45 at my waist, another young man came up to me with the gang and told me I needed Christ. I told him I would go to church with him, planning only to be there for only a few minutes; but have been with the Lord now for 46 years.

DH: How has God used you to break down barriers?

SS: The Lord led me into fine art. He had built in me persistence and brought others, not all African-Americans, to stand with me. The colors in my paintings reflect the colors in the many lives I have met and learned to embrace. We all need to embrace the range of colors of characters our Lord brings into our lives.

DH: How can we encourage unity?

SS: Unity is created when many different people get together over common causes. A house divided against itself will not stand. We need to accept that we have more in common than differences. We need real communication. Good people always come to together for the common good and thus change the world. The country also needs to stand to do the right thing. At this time, we are only at half time. We need to keep moving forward.

DH:  How have you personally experienced God as the creator and guide of creativity?

SS: I have had no formal training. God has taught me everything. God is the ultimate artist. For example, everyday each sunrise and sunset is unique with gorgeous art. Each person reflects His image in unique ways. As my great artist teacher, He has led me to produce unique art. Each of us has a piece of His image. He leads me and can lead each of us.

DH: What kind of a legacy do you want to leave with your life and work?

SS: I want to encourage each person to use the unique gifts God gives them. I want to leave a legacy for my family as a Man of God that transcends my art.

Skipper’s story hits the big screen through Fathom Events on Nov. 11-12 and Nov. 14-15.

The Faith Content Network works with Fathom Events to distribute their Faith Content Movies is to provide this fine movie to approved churches to show with no licenses or up-front costs. For more information on church involvement, click here.

For more on Skipper and the movie, visit ColorsOfCharacterMovie.com or www.steveskipperstudio.com.

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