Country Legend Ricky Skaggs Shares the God-Given Vision That Saved His Life

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Country Legend Ricky Skaggs Shares the God-Given Vision That Saved His Life

By Movieguide® Staff

Country legend Ricky Skaggs says a vision from the Lord saved his life.

Skaggs underwent quadruple bypass surgery earlier this year after a CT scan left doctors searching for more answers with an angiogram. Skaggs said he thought about putting off the angiogram, but the Lord told him otherwise.

“Scripture tells us God always knows the thoughts of man,” Skaggs tells People magazine. “That was proven to me at that moment, because while I did not speak it from my mouth, I thought about putting the angiogram off for a week. When I thought that thought, it was like I saw the Lord with a jeweler’s eye glass on. He was peering at me but never said a word. But just by His look, I knew He was saying, ‘Absolutely no.’ It put the fear of God in me. He had given me so many grace situations, but He was serious that I needed to take care of this now.”

Less than a week later, Skaggs went under the knife to save his life.

“[The surgeon] told me that when he was finished with the bypasses, he literally was holding my heart in his hand, and my heart literally leapt in his hands when the blood started flowing through it again,” Skaggs recalls. “I just started bawling. It was the most incredible thing I have ever heard in my life.”

He knows that, too, was God’s doing.

“God gives us grace, but we all have a tendency to kick in the boundaries of that grace,” Skaggs explains. “Sometimes, we are like a bull running through the fence of grace. But then, there comes a time when He has to come after us. I knew that I couldn’t stand in the shadows of my heart situation anymore. I had been fearful of a heart attack or getting a stint put in all of this time, but now, I was in a corner. I had to address it.”

Skaggs told the magazine that he feels “150%” better than before the surgery.

The Grammy-winning bluegrass musician boldly declares his faith in the public eye. He has led worship on the National Mall multiple times and proudly speaks out against abortion.



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