CURSED Portrays Christians as Evil With Its Pagan Worldview

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CURSED Portrays Christians as Evil With Its Pagan Worldview

By Ashley Ausburn

CURSED is a Netflix original series based on Arthurian legend, but with a new twist to the classic tales. Unfortunately, its unique twist is hard to enjoy due to extreme foul language, sexual immorality, and evil representations of Christianity.

The series follows Nimue, a fey girl with magic powers who is given a sword by her dying mother who was killed by The Red Paladins. Nimue must bring the sword to Merlin the magician to save the fey people.

The fey are a race of magic people and creatures. Some could pass for human, while others have wings or horns based on their clan and species. The Red Paladins, an organization of God-worshiping monks who believe they’re fighting against Satan and his demons, hunt down Nimue and any who aid her while burning fey villages and killing any they can find. Nimue finds allies in Arthur, a mercenary swordsman, and his sister Morgana, a homosexual nun who helps fey escape the Red Paladins through an underground system.

CURSED has a dominant Pagan worldview. The fey worship unseen positive forces called the Hidden. The fey not only worship the Hidden, but also recognize dark gods and demons. The Red Paladins commit violent acts toward humans and fey alike. They relentlessly hunt the peaceful fey to extinction in the name of God and cleanse the world of evil. Since the Red Paladins worship God, CURSED paints Christianity and Catholicism in a terrible light, portraying Christianity as destructive and evil. CURSED portrays occult elements such as the use of magic, sacrifices, and some rituals.

CURSED is unnecessarily graphic and has extreme violence, including deaths by sword and arrows. At one point, it shows tree roots pulled from inside a human body with plenty of blood. Every episode showcases bloody battles. Nimue slices off the hands of two characters and kills an entire pack of wolves, hacking at the beasts even after they’re dead. It also has several scenes with shirtless males and two scenes that show Arthur’s bare butt. Viewers don’t see female nudity, but they do see some instances of bare backs and implied undressing in two scenes. The series has one sex scene between Arthur and Nimue that’s explicit despite not showing any private parts. Morgana has a romantic relationship with another nun in the convent, Celia, and there are two instances of them kissing in the show.

One of the characters abuses alcohol heavily, and many others drink in taverns and bars. Many instances of foul language, both obscenities and profanities, muddy the script. Characters use the Lord’s name in vain once or twice. Since the fey acknowledge a pantheon of gods, they say “gods” in place of “God,” and this phrase is also used multiple times in the series.

The show lacks well-developed characters and story-building details, and morals don’t play a strong part in the decisions characters make. Even when a character’s motivation is easy to see, it doesn’t show through their actions. Even though episodes are about an hour long, the plot moves slowly and the pace of the series makes it hard to follow.

This series is a terrible representation of Christianity and Catholicism. It portrays the church as the evil force in the series and makes the monks and believers of God evil and corrupt. The monks reject medicine in favor of praying for injured with expectations that it will help, which makes them appear ignorant.

The best part of the series are the hair styles and costume design as well as the soundtrack. The different fey creatures are well designed and brought to life with a combination of makeup and some CGI effects that give the show a fantasy feel. From beautiful and mystical fey creatures like Moon Wings, a fey race with snowy white wings like a moth, or Rugen’s kingdom of afflicted with their decayed look, there are several great character designs in CURSED. Although its spin on the legends of Arthur is certainly unique, it’s not a show Movieguide® recommends.


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