Dinesh D’Souza Praises ‘Gritty’ Movie About Truth in the Face of Persecution

Dinesh D’Souza/YouTube

Dinesh D’Souza Praises ‘Gritty’ Movie About Truth in the Face of Persecution

By Movieguide® Staff

Conservative political commentator and moviemaker Dinesh D’Souza recently celebrated INFIDEL’s win of Movieguide®’s Faith and Freedom® Prize. D’Souza executive produced the gritty tale of a Christian journalist who is taken captive and persecuted for speaking the Truth in Iran.

“Quite honestly, I did not expect us to win this award,” D’Souza said.

“When I read [Movieguide®’s] review of the movie when it first came out, it was a positive review,” D’Souza continued. “Down at the bottom, [Movieguide® has] certain kind of markers like extreme violence, and in some cases salty language, and all of this is in INFIDEL. To quote the star of the movie, when Jim Caviezel went on [Fox News with host] Shannon Bream, I think he goes, ‘Well, this is no candy a– Christian movie,’ and I think Shannon Bream [made a face], but it conveyed some of the edginess of the movie.”

According to Movieguide®’s review:

INFIDEL has a very strong Christian worldview, with an overt witness to the Gospel, as the main character would rather die than denounce his faith that Jesus is God. The movie also has some strong moral elements of helping save others and a depiction of a loving marriage. The villains non-Christians proclaim some humanist and false religion elements, which Doug refutes. INFIDEL has a lot of foul language, consisting mostly of F-bombs, as well as lots of violence as men are seen getting shot and killed. Movieguide® advises extreme caution for audiences.

D’Souza interviewed INFIDEL Director Cyrus Nowrasteh the morning after the win to discuss the movie’s big win, as well as some of Nowrasteh’s earlier projects.

“Movieguide® and movieguide.org is an organization that’s been around for many years focused on family and faith-driven movies, so they decided to honor this year for the Faith and Freedom® Award an R-rated movie. That’s very unusual. INFIDEL, as you very well know, is an edgy thriller, so it was kind of surprising that they decided to honor us with this.”

D’Souza said the movie had to be “gritty” in order to depict the brutal realities of Christian persecution, particularly in Iran.

“I think the faith in the movie that Movieguide® seems to have seen is that you have to be in the culture these days, and it’s a gritty culture, so you have to make gritty films that live and swim in public space,” D’Souza said.

However, compared to gratuitously violent movies, INFIDEL’s violence was about portraying the truth of what happens to Christians who speak out about their faith.

“We’re depicting a Christian who is kidnapped and imprisoned in Iran, and we know from the many stories and horror stories that we’ve heard what that’s like and what that’s about, and we depicted it honestly, and I think Movieguide® recognized that,” Nowrasteh clarified.

Watch the video below to see their interview.