Faith-Based KING OF KINGS Casts King Herod, Pontius Pilate

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Faith-Based KING OF KINGS Casts King Herod, Pontius Pilate

By Movieguide® Contributor

Mark Hamill and Pierce Brosnan have joined the growing cast of the upcoming faith-based animated movie KING OF KINGS.

Hamill and Brosnan, along with Ben Kingsley, appear as the cast’s biblical adversaries.

Hamill will portray King Herod, the king who slaughtered innocent babies during his search for the young Jesus. Brosnan will play Pontius Pilate, the Roman leader who ordered Jesus to be crucified, while Kingsley will be the High Priest Caiaphas, who was in charge of the Sanhedrin trial of Jesus.

This upcoming film is based on Charles Dickens’ short story “The Life of Our Lord.” It is directed by Seong-ho “Jay” Jang and will be created by South Korea-based animation house Mofac Animation.

“The true measure of a hero is always judged by the strength of his foes, and Sir Ben Kingsley, Pierce Brosnan and Mark Hamill deliver impactful performances that elevate their respective villains to appropriately biblical heights,” producer Anfernee Kim said of the movie’s villains. “This cast is laden with winners of every major acting award, and they’ve all bought their A-games for a story most deserving of their impressive collective talents.”

Movieguide® previously reported:

Kenneth Branagh and Uma Thurman have been cast in the upcoming THE KING OF KINGS, a movie that will explore Charles Dickens’ Christian faith. 

“THE KING OF KINGS follows Charles Dickens and youngest son Walter as they bond over the famed author’s short story ‘The Life of Our Lord,’ which was a holiday tradition in the Dickens household, though it was never published until 1934, decades after the author’s death,” The Hollywood Reporter wrote of the movie. “Through animation, the pair and their cat Willa become immersed in the story of Jesus, involving notable friends and foes.”

Branagh is set to voice Dickens. Thurman will voice the famed author’s wife, Catherine Dickens, and JOJO RABBIT star Roman Griffin Davis will play the couple’s youngest son, Walter. 

A synopsis from Mofac Animation reads:

Renowned storyteller Charles Dickens finds it challenging to bond with his imaginative son, Walter, amidst his busy career. After Walter disrupts one of Dickens’ readings, Dickens decides to share the story of Jesus Christ with him, hoping to bridge the gap between them. As Dickens narrates the story, Walter becomes captivated, experiencing the events of Jesus’ life vividly Through the journey of Jesus, Walter and Dickens’ relationship deepens, culminating in a bond of love forged through storytelling.

The Hollywood Reporter shared, “THE KING OF KINGS is in final stages of production and currently seeking distribution. The film’s team is aiming for a release timed to Easter 2025.”

Hamill, Brosnan and Kingsley join an already star-studded cast. Movieguide® reported:

The upcoming faith-based animated film titled KING OF KINGS just cast Movieguide® Grace Prize winner Oscar Isaac as Jesus Christ, while Forest Whitaker will voice the apostle Peter…

“A film capturing the epic life of Jesus Christ warrants a stellar cast, and our actors announced to date – Oscar Isaac, Forest Whitaker, Kenneth Branagh, Uma Thurman and Roman Griffin Davis – is impressive by any measure,” said producer Kim. “Oscar perfectly captures the impactful delivery of Jesus, and Forest’s expertly embodies the complicated aspects of Peter.” 

Also involved in the film are Jamie Thomason, an Emmy Award-winning dialogue and casting director, and Andrew Mann, a veteran filmmaker executive, as executive producers.

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