Families Who Love Sci-Fi Will Enjoy Hulu’s ENDLINGS

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Families Who Love Sci-Fi Will Enjoy Hulu’s ENDLINGS

By Stephanie Speck, Contributing Writer

ENDLINGS is a Canadian science-fiction Hulu original series that follows the journey of four foster children as they help an extraterrestrial life-form in its mission to rescue endangered species from across the universe.

ENDLINGS stars Michela Luci, Kamaia Fairburn, Edison Grant, Cale Ferrin, and Neil Crone.

Twenty years into the future, an alien spacecraft crashes onto Mr. Leopold’s North American farm. Mr. Leopold has just taken in the troubled orphan, Julia, to join his three other foster children. Johnny, Tabby and Finn each have unsettling pasts, but live by the motto that “everyone helps each other out” on the farm.

While attempting to run away, Julia discovers the world’s last African elephant wandering through Mr. Leopold’s cornfield. This discovery becomes the beginning of an adventurous journey as Julia and her new family work together to rescue a variety of exotic, endangered species. Along the way, the children and Mr. Leopold make new friends, come to terms with painful memories, and become closer as a family.

ENDLINGS is rated TV-PG. The show features one OMG profanity, but no other foul language is heard throughout the series. There is also no sexual content or nudity. There’s some mild science-fiction action violence, but none of it is graphic or likely to upset children.

ENDLINGS is a refreshing series to watch because it’s clean and presents a dominant/biblical worldview centered on family, forgiveness, and teamwork. Each of the main characters on the show have troubled, painful pasts that often hold them back from trusting and opening up to others. Some of these stories relate to child abuse, parents with drug addictions, loss of loved ones, and a physically challenged child who felt left out and unwanted. With the help of their new alien friend, these characters are able to find the comfort they need to heal and move forward. By the end of the show’s first season, an unlikely and diverse group of individuals are able to truly come together as family and work together as a team.

ENDLINGS also has other redemptive elements. The series celebrates friendship and emphasizes the important qualities needed to make good friendships work. Some of these themes include trust, knowing when to seek advice from others, repentance, and being appreciative of other people.

The dangers of the extinction of vulnerable animals is also greatly emphasized. The series imagines a future where many of the animals we are familiar with today have disappeared and no longer exist. ENDLINGS is educational and teaches children about these endangered species and the importance of preserving them. Children who love animals will especially enjoy this aspect of the show. Some of the fictional alien species featured in ENDLINGS are also cute and fun.

ENDLINGS is a family-friendly series that is ideal for families who enjoy shows with science-fiction elements.

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