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Former THE VIEW Host Paula Faris Wants to ‘Shine Her Light’ and ‘Love God’ After Exiting TV

Photo from CARRY Media Instagram

Former THE VIEW Host Paula Faris Wants to ‘Shine Her Light’ and ‘Love God’ After Exiting TV

By Movieguide® Staff

ABC News journalist Paula Faris, best known for her hosting roles on THE VIEW and GOOD MORNING AMERICA WEEKEND, said she wants to focus on her Christian faith. 

Faris is the founder of CARRY Media, which works to “amplify the story of the working mom,” and hosts THE PAULA FARIS: FAITH & CALLING PODCAST. 

“Wherever I’m called, my purpose is truly to love God love people and shine my light,” she said.

Faris revealed on her podcast that her priority is her family, which inspired her to start CARRY. 

“Our family is first. I’m able to be a mom first,” she said. “And my hustles then fit into that.”

Faris also confessed that she got wrapped up in her successful career, which eventually led her to step away from her work in journalism. 

“My own personal experience, I forgot what I was doing and who I was doing it for and it became more about the accolade and the achievement in the spotlight and the accomplishment,” she said. “And I lost track of it and I think it’s just natural, because [of] the way our society is wired.”

“I completely wrestled with it and I was very angry,” she said. “It was like, ‘Why, God, did you call me to do this?’ Because, again, I was buying that lie that I had to do one thing for the rest of my life, and I was buying the lie that I was created to do one thing.”

On the CARRY website, Faris shared her heart behind the new media organization: 

I’ve never felt like I’m nailing it as a working mom.

I pumped the brakes in 2018 at GMA and The View because I was so incredibly burned out…feeling like I was failing both work and home. Then, in 2020, like so many moms, I lost my job at ABC News.

The stress and strain of being a working momma is something I feel so deeply. We’re burned out, exhausted, and conflicted between working and momming. And, to add insult to injury, most of us are underpaid.

Because of this – I’m on a mission.

To make sure that moms have a choice, whether or not we want to work.

To make sure a mom’s voice in the workforce is valued.

To make sure that being a mom isn’t viewed by the workforce as a risk, liability or a weakness.

I believe with all that is in me that the workplace needs moms. It needs our voice, our vision, our leadership, our empathy and our efficiency. We are SUPERHEROES with SUPERPOWERS, equipped only through motherhood.