Francis Chan Condemns Pro-Choice Mantra ‘My Body My Choice’: ‘The World Is The Lord’s, Everything In It’

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Francis Chan Condemns Pro-Choice Mantra ‘My Body My Choice’: ‘The World Is The Lord’s, Everything In It’

By Movieguide® Staff

Pastor and author Francis Chan, known for his book “Living Crazy Love,” recently condemned the famous pro-choice mantra, “my body, my choice.”

Chan noted that the words neglect the biblical teaching that “God says nothing is yours.”

During his sermon at the recent THE SEND event in Kansas City, Missouri, Chan made his opinion known.

While on stage, Chan admonished believers to stand for truth and their pro-life beliefs.

“Could it be that God is saying, ‘Look at this generation, … look at these people, they’re not going to back off from the Word of God, they actually believe in a judgment day, they’re willing to preach that, they’re actually willing to speak for the voices of the unborn, they’re not backing off from that?'” Chan said.

“For any of us who think that we can come into the presence of God and say, ‘God, why did you make me this way? Why did I go through this? This is my body, my choice.’ God says: ‘No, wait a second. No. Nothing is yours. I spoke this world into existence.’ The world is the Lord’s and everything in it. It’s all made by Him. And He doesn’t owe me an explanation,” he added.

Chan also pointed to Isaiah 66:2 and encouraged believers to stay humble and rely on God’s word.

“Do you tremble at the Word of God? Do you tremble? Because if you want God to choose you and see you, you need to tremble at His Word. Do you tremble at James 4:6, where it says, ‘God opposes the proud’? If there’s ever a verse to tremble at, that might be it,” Chan said.

“Those who are closest to God are those who are most humble. … Do you understand this God that we pray to? When people were close to God, they were not proud,” he continued. “So whenever I see pride in my life, the answer to that is not ‘OK, let me try to be more humble.’ No. ‘Let me try to get closer to God.’ Because when I’m in the presence of God, there is not going to be pride there.”


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