Gina Carano Shares First-Hand Experience of Hollywood’s Double Standard

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Gina Carano Shares First-Hand Experience of Hollywood’s Double Standard

By Movieguide® Staff

In a recent interview on The Ben Shapiro Show, Actress Gina Carano addressed her firing from the Disney+ show THE MANDALORIAN, her time as an employee for Lucasfilm, and Hollywood’s double standard.

The former MMA fighter claimed that she intended to “bring people together” when she posted a controversial tweet that discussed how society allowed Nazis to take power in Germany by choosing to persecute the oppressed rather than standing up to government tyranny.

After Lucasfilm terminated Carano, many fans pointed out that other cast members of THE MANDALORIAN also had politically charged tweets.

One example is when co-star Pedro Pascal compared undocumented children being held cages at the border to Jews in concentration camps. However, Carano revealed that despite their political opinions, the two stars maintain mutual respect.

“I adore Pedro. I adore him. I know he’s said and done some hurtful things. But we had an agreement after we realized we were a little bit politically different. We had an agreement that, first and foremost, you’re a human being. And you’re my friend first,” Carano told Ben Shapiro.

“That’s what’s been really crazy,” Carano continued. “You see these people [on one side] being so passionate and you see people [on the opposing side] being so passionate. I just love that we’re both passionate. We think a little bit differently, I think, through our different experiences. I know that we both have misstepped on our tweets. We’re not perfect. We’re human beings. But he’s not a bad human being. He’s a sweet person.”

Carano claimed that while on set, Disney silenced her conservatives views in favor of a single narrative.

“They’ve been all over me and they’ve been watching me like a hawk,” Carano said. “And I’m watching people on the same production and they can say everything they want, and that’s where I had a problem. I had a problem because I wasn’t going along with the narrative.”

Carano added: “I was prepared at any point to be let go because I’ve seen this happen to so many people. I’ve seen the looks on their faces. I’ve seen the bullying that takes place, and so when this started, they point their guns at you, and you know it’s only a matter of time. I’ve seen it happen to so many people, and I just thought to myself, ‘you’re coming for me, I know you are.’ They’re making it very obvious through their employees who were coming for me, and so I was like, ‘I’m going to go down swinging and I’m going to stay true to myself.'”

Carano further hinted that other conservatives may feel marginalized by the Disney conglomerate and are afraid to speak up.

“I’m not the only one that’s ever been bullied by this company, and I know that so deeply,” Carano said. “I could share a story which would turn things around in the media but I can’t because it would sell out a friend… Everyone is afraid of losing their job.”

Although Carano will not appear in any future Star Wars projects, she did join The Daily Wire in a new movie deal with Shapiro.