Glenn Beck Trusts God With The Election, Encourages Christians: ‘Know What You Believe In’

Photo from Glenn Beck’s Twitter

Glenn Beck Trusts God With The Election, Encourages Christians: ‘Know What You Believe In’

By Cooper Dowd, Staff Writer 

Political commentator and well-known conservative radio host of THE BLAZE Glenn Beck said that this year’s election will test Christians.  

“I think no matter what happens, but especially if the left wins, the time of easy Christianity is over in America,” Beck said in an interview with CBN. “We are going to face some of the toughest times I think in all of Christianity in the next few years.

“[So] prepare yourself for that. Know what you stand for and what you believe in and we’ll just hang together,” Beck added. 

Although Beck was skeptical of Trump during the 2016 elections, the talk show host put his full support behind Trump and trusts God with the ultimate results. 

“I have been praying for the last few days, ‘Just let me accept whatever it is because my way is not your way,” Beck said. “I’ll go wherever you [God] are going.” 

Beck said that Trump’s biggest adversary to his reelection is corruption.  

“Corruption is going to be the only thing that’s holding him back honestly,” Beck said. “You don’t act the way the left has acted if you have confidence in your candidate.”

However, with a Joe Biden presidency as a definite possibility, Beck warned, “We are looking at the end of the American experiment.”

Beck added that the initial numbers excite him and encourage fellow Americans interested in the truth that they are not alone.  

“This election revealed that we’re NOT ALONE. 70 million American voters stand with us in REJECTING the Left’s lies that America is a horrible place,” Beck said on Twitter

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