Ian McKellen Would Play Gandalf in LORD OF THE RINGS Sequel ‘If I’m Alive’


Ian McKellen Would Play Gandalf in LORD OF THE RINGS Sequel ‘If I’m Alive’

By Movieguide® Contributor

Ian McKellen, known for his majestic white beard and remarkable wisdom in his portrayal of Gandalf in LORD OF THE RINGS, revealed that he’s open to taking part in the upcoming sequel.

In a discussion with THE TIMES, the 85-year-old actor was asked if he’d like to return as Gandalf. “I haven’t shaved in months,” he said, alluding to his character’s facial hair.

“I like playing that character. I learned a lot playing him. I enjoyed it a lot. I would only do it if I was right for it in terms of, you know, the age I am now and so forth. It would be silly to do it otherwise,” he said.

“There is no script, there is no offer, there is no plan,” he confirmed, adding that he would return “if I’m alive.”

LORD OF THE RINGS: THE HUNT FOR GOLLUM has cast Andy Serkis once again as Gollum. The movie is expected to drop in May 2026.

Movieguide® previously reported:

Jackson is set to produce the movie, while Walsh and Boyens will write the screenplay and serve as producers…

Jackson, Walsh and Boyens also released a statement about the upcoming project, calling it “an honor and a privilege to travel back to Middle-earth with our good friend and collaborator, Andy Serkis, who has unfinished business with that Stinker — Gollum!”

Serkis, who has previously portrayed Gollum in the LORD OF THE RINGS movies, gave his comment while in character — “Yesssss, Precious. The time has come once more to venture into the unknown with my dear friends, the extraordinary and incomparable guardians of Middle-earth Peter, Fran and Philippa.”

To date, McKeller has portrayed Gandalf in all of Peter Jackson’s THE LORD OF THE RINGS and THE HOBBIT movies.

Gold Derby reported, “Peter Jackson‘s THE LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy amassed 28 Oscar nominations and 17 wins between the three films while the prequel THE HOBBIT series garnered a further seven nominations. Out of those 35 Academy Award bids, however, only one came for acting. That was for Sir Ian McKellen when he was nominated in 2002 for Best Supporting Actor for THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING.”

No official synopsis of the movie has been announced yet, but it will follow “Sméagol, who was corrupted and became Gollum after coming across the One Ring.”

“The Gollum/Sméagol character has always fascinated me because Gollum reflects the worst of human nature, whilst his Sméagol side is, arguably, quite sympathetic,” Jackson told Deadline. “I think he connects with readers and film audiences alike, because there’s a little bit of both of them in all of us. We really want to explore his backstory and delve into those parts of his journey we didn’t have time to cover in the earlier films. It’s too soon to know who will cross his path, but suffice to say we will take our lead from Professor Tolkien.”

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