Jenny Marrs Remembers Early FIXER TO FABULOUS Days: ‘My Heart Is Still Full’

Photo from Jenny Marrs’ Instagram

Jenny Marrs Remembers Early FIXER TO FABULOUS Days: ‘My Heart Is Still Full’

By Movieguide® Contributor

FIXER TO FABULOUS star Jenny Marrs recently took to Instagram to share her fondest memories from the start of the hit HGTV show, which also stars her husband, Dave. 

Marrs posted a series of pictures from an event where the cast and crew of the show gathered to watch the last episode of the first season. 

“Not only was it a watch party, and not only did we enjoy a delicious meal in a beautiful setting, but it was a chance to share the work that spurred this whole wild ride along in the first place,” Marrs captioned the post. 

She continued, “When Dave and I first agreed to film a pilot episode for HGTV back in 2017, we did so as an act of faith – ultimately hoping that someone would watch and want to learn more about our non-profit work in partnership with our dear Zimbabwean friends, John and Orpah. Coincidentally, we found out that the pilot was green-lit while we were in South Africa as a family, just after returning from Zimbabwe where we dreamt about and prayed for big things with our friends there.”

“Then, in January of 2020, before we knew that the world would soon shut down, John and Orpah were visiting and joined us for the watch party, in the place we created here to fund dreams there,” Marrs wrote. “The Berry Farm was started as a way for our community to empower teens and at-risk youth in their rural village in Zimbabwe. And the reason we said “yes” to allowing cameras (and strangers) into our life was to create a space to share these stories from across the globe.”

“That Tuesday evening three years ago was such a beautiful chance to do exactly that,” she concluded. “New and old friends heard how God is at work in our community and in a community over the sea. We had the most fun, holy and joy-filled night together. My heart is still full looking at these photos all these years later.”

Marrs has previously spoken about what FIXER TO FABULOUS has meant to her over the years. Movieguide® previously reported:

FIXER TO FABULOUS star Jenny Marrs recently celebrated the show’s crew in a new Instagram post. 

She posted a slideshow of photos from a recent crew party, showing her co-workers decked out in pajamas, flannel shirts, and even a Bigfoot costume — “The theme for the night was log cabin chic and the attire was on point,” she explained in the caption. 

“I’m grateful for the bizarre path my life took five years ago when we said yes to #fixertofabulous because our family grew exponentially with this team of people,” Marrs continued. “When you watch the show, just know that all of these hilarious, hard-working, passionate and ridiculously talented humans are behind the camera making magic happen.”

She continued, “Every year, we take one evening to celebrate our entire crew and it’s always one of my favorite nights of the year. I will treasure the laughs and memories from last night (and this entire year), always. Season four has been a ride – exhausting, challenging, and wildly fun – it was so good to step away and celebrate all we were able to accomplish together. Cheers to the very best crew in all the land!”

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