Kirk Cameron Defies California State Regulations Again for New Year’s Prayer Event

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Kirk Cameron Defies California State Regulations Again for New Year’s Prayer Event

By Movieguide® Staff

Kirk Cameron once again defied state regulations to support religious freedom by participating in a prayer event on New Year’s Eve.

“We prayed and sang songs of thankfulness at Point Mugu beach in Cali, admiring the beauty of God’s masterpiece in the western sky,” Cameron posted to Instagram after the Dec. 31, 2020 event. “As the Master Artist, He paints with distilled water and fractured light on a canvas of thin air.”

Cameron also used the post to discuss why he chose to lead people in song, though California regulations prohibit singing in public.

“And as for the reason behind our outlawed, outdoor singing, according to NeuroscienceNews.com, a study at Mayo Clinic concluded, ‘Music has always been a refuge for people during the most difficult times, and it can certainly help during the COVID-19 pandemic,'” the LEFT BEHIND actor said.

The New Year’s Eve event came after Cameron led similar singing protests in Thousand Oaks, California.

Many of Cameron’s fans and even local politicians complained that the actor was putting other people in danger by discouraging attendees to wear masks. Cameron, however, said the choice was up to those who participated.

“If you want to wear masks, we welcome masks,” Cameron said in a clip shared to his Instagram Story. “If you want to spread out with your family, there’s plenty of room here. Remember, you’re in charge of your healthcare. Use wisdom, common sense and good judgment with that.”

Cameron previously defended his decision to lead the carolers and other Christians in these prayer events.

The actor cited the public health dangers of rising depression, addiction, and suicide rates as his reasons for leading the protestors in Christmas cheer.

“So many doctors have been trying to say this for so long, and they’ve been censored, and you can just look this stuff up,” Cameron said.

“[The] public Health danger that is far worse to the vast majority of the population and the coronavirus is the people who have died because of the lockdown requirements. They have sunk into depression, anxiety, suicide rates are through the roof, drug abuse, alcohol abuse,” he continued.

“People who are abused have been quarantined with their abusers. People have failed to go to the hospital because they’ve been told not to go unless it’s an emergency so they’ve forgone cancer screenings. They’ve forgone detection for heart attacks, because they’ve had chest pains but they don’t want to go to the hospital and they’re afraid they’re going to catch the virus that they have been told is so deadly it’s likely going to kill them.

“If you look at them, if you look at the science, if you read the reports, look at the raw data on the CDC website, and the others, like Harvard University, like Oxford University, listen to the epidemiologist and the biostatisticians and they will tell you that globally, for the vast majority of the population, you have a 99.9% chance of full recovery if you catch the coronavirus. Those who are in the most danger are those who are elderly and unhealthy, and for them, we need to pray. We need to help protect them and educate them so that they stay safe. But the financial, emotional, psychological and physical harm that’s being perpetrated on the vast majority of the population is unconscionable,” the actor said.

To combat this, Cameron says he will continue to pursue the Lord and encourage other people to do the same.

“Faith. Obedience. Praise. We agreed this is our New Year’s strategy to bring Heaven’s blessings to Earth in 2021. Stay tuned for details about our next gathering. Hope you can join us!” he said.


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