Kirk Cameron: ‘The Family of Faith Needs to Get Off the Defense and Get On the Offense’

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Kirk Cameron: ‘The Family of Faith Needs to Get Off the Defense and Get On the Offense’

By Movieguide® Staff

Actor Kirk Cameron recently celebrated when two public libraries revoked their initial decision to ban him from reading his new children’s book, ‘As You Grow.’

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Actor Kirk Cameron recently celebrated a victory for freedom of speech after two libraries backtracked on their initial boycott of his new children’s book, ‘As You Grow.’

Cameron is now scheduled to speak at two libraries that reversed their decision, the Indianapolis Public Library in Indianapolis, Indiana, on Dec. 29, and the Scarsdale Public Library in Scarsdale, New York, on Dec. 30.

“I’m happy that the two libraries changed their decision and will allow my voice to be heard and my book to be read,” Cameron told Fox News in a recent interview. “I hope they realized that their position of denying me a story hour reading was unfair and illegal, but that we would all be better off if we listened to each other’s perspectives.”

Despite the reality of cancel culture today, Cameron encouraged Christians to reflect on the difficult times of the church’s past and how God helped people overcome their hardships.

“I love a good Avenger movie. I love Iron Man and Captain America. But the real heroes are those men and women of faith and character in history that have stood against all odds outnumbered, out funded, outgunned, and with the help of God change, not only themselves, but the destiny of nations,” he told The Christian Post in a recent interview. “I think of St. Patrick, I think of John Knox, I think of Martin Luther, I think of the Puritans and the pilgrims. These were people who faced times that were much darker than what you and I are facing in America today.”

“Political darkness during the time of the pilgrims in England was at an apex,” he explained. “You would have thought they would have completely given up hope, where the government had hijacked the church and Christians were being persecuted. They were being run out of the country by a woke mob. And what did they do? They didn’t put their head between their knees and cry over a Chick fil A soup and wait for the rapture. While the culture deteriorated, they read their Bibles, and they got on a little boat and they sailed across the world to start a new society that would later become the freest, strongest, most benevolent and generous nation the world has ever known because they believe the gospel wins and that faith is stronger than doubt and good will always win over evil.”

Cameron said that their example should give Christians today a challenge and courage to stand up for what is right, according to God’s word.

“For us today, we need to have heroes rise up out of the cultural darkness and pressure of our time and begin to apply these same truths in modern America and around the world so that we can see a great awakening again,” he said. “That’s what I appreciate about those who tell great stories and make great movies and get involved in local school boards and public libraries and educate their children and get involved in local and national government.”

“We need all of this, all hands on deck. The family of faith needs to get off the defense and get on the offense,” he added. “And when we do, we will join that great cloud of witnesses from the past. We will be part of God’s love, an army of compassion that cannot be stopped and the gates of hell cannot prevail against it.”

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