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Mia Robertson Recovering from 15th Jaw Surgery: God’s ‘Got Me’

Photo of Mia Robertson from Missy Robertson’s Instagram

Mia Robertson Recovering from 15th Jaw Surgery: God’s ‘Got Me’

By Movieguide® Contributor

Jase Robertson’s 19-year-old daughter Mia recently appeared on her grandfather, Phil Robertson, and dad’s “Unashamed” podcast to update fans after a recent surgery.

“Mia was born in 2003 with a bilateral cleft lip and palate, and she underwent her first surgery to correct the cleft lip when she was just three months old. Over the next months and years, more surgeries ensued to correct her palate, lips and nasal passages, followed by bone graft surgeries to her jaw,” Taste of Country reported.

Her most recent surgery, her fifteenth, continued repair on her lip and cleft pallet and prevented her from moving into her dorm.

“My 15th surgery is tomorrow morning,” she said at the time. “I wish I could say that I get used to my surgeries, but I never do.”

“Tomorrow was supposed to be my first day of my sophomore year of college, but the Lord had other plans,” she captioned the post. “Instead of waking up in my new dorm room, heading to my new classes, I’ll be heading into a month of pain and weakness.”

“It’s times like these where I am reminded that God is above, beneath, before, and behind me. He’s got me. Why should I ever doubt that He doesn’t? He’s already protected me from 14 surgeries, what’s one more?” Mia concluded.

Despite not being able to move into the dorms, Mia has enjoyed her time in school so far.

“It honestly feels like summer camp,” she said on the podcast. “The school is so small, and you know everyone, it’s so fun… My major is psychology and so it’s kind of like science and I have a lot of homework, but I love so much.”

“I found my group of friends the first week of school, and we are still all best friends,” she continued. “They’re awesome, I love them so much…I didn’t think those people were out there.  I just like really struggled with making good friends like all my life… So, I love them a lot.  It’s been a really good first year.”

Mia is in good spirits and looks forward to recovering so she can get back to her school and friends.  Our thoughts and prayers are with her for a speedy healing journey.

Movieguide® previously reported on Mia:

Missy Robertson recently took to Instagram to give fans an update on her daughter Mia’s cleft lip and palate.

“To the lady in the waiting room yesterday who was complaining about how inconvenient it was for her to wait on her child who hadn’t been seen yet (45 minutes behind), I apologize on behalf of my daughter. It was totally her fault,” Robertson captioned a photo of Mia. 

She went on to explain that the reason the appointment ran long was because Mia’s surgeon told them she would have to undergo another jaw distraction surgery, instead of the more minor procedure they had been planning to do that day. 

“Oh how I wish we wouldn’t have inconvenienced you,” Robertson continued. “Oh how I wish sometimes that she would have the team that simply looked and said ‘she’ll be fine’, or ‘you don’t really have to.’ Sometimes I’m weary of this cleft journey. Sometimes I’m weary of the pain that life brings me and my family. But that’s where God steps in. He confirms through those He’s sent to us that, even though we’re weary, He is not!”

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