Natasha Bure Shares Candid Message: ‘Allow Jesus To Be What Fills Your Soul’

Photo from Natasha Bure’s Instagram

Natasha Bure Shares Candid Message: ‘Allow Jesus To Be What Fills Your Soul’

By Movieguide® Staff

Former Movieguide® host and daughter of actress Candace Cameron Bure, Natasha Bure, recently took to Instagram to share a message of encouragement to her followers.

The 24-year-old actress confessed that she is not always aware of how what she watches affects her soul.

“Something embarrassing about myself…Every time I watch a tv show or a movie and become obsessed with it, I make it my whole personality. I unknowingly start talking or dressing similarly to the characters- 100% a bit of imposter syndrome,” she explained. “The same goes with who I hangout with. I remember when I would go to summer sleep away camp, after a month of being around all these kids from the South, my California accent was long gone and I left with a whole new vocabulary too. It made me think about how easily I start taking on the essence or small characteristics of someone else when they consume my brain.”

Bure than steered the conversation towards what we should be filling our hearts and minds with on a daily basis: Jesus.

“So that being the case, wouldn’t we want to fill our minds with as much of Jesus as possible if we so desperately want to be more like Him?” she wrote. “I think we (me) can often times get comfortable with just praying before a meal or praising Him when something goes our way…but the difference made when being fully CONSUMED by His Word and letting your ears/eyes be completely filled with what the Holy Spirit intends for us to hear and see, is truly wild.”

“We are so quick to spend hours upon hours on tiktok or watching silly reality tv, but slow to open our Bibles and to dig deeper into the scriptures that ultimately lead us to living a life that He designed us to live!” she continued. “When we say yes to something, that also means we are actively saying no to something else…I’m guilty of this time and time again. I’ll repeat the words in my head “I’ll do it later” and then proceed to make room in my schedule for worldly desires without a second thought.”

Despite calling on her nearly 600K followers to take inventory of what they consume, she confessed that it is easier said than done.

“I’m the first to admit that it’s not always easy to consistently be in The Word and to lay everything down before God, but I can confidently say that my behavior, heart, and desires look radically different when I am/do…in the BEST possible way,” she said.

She concluded: “I suddenly have an attitude change and what I used to find attractive, quickly becomes very unappealing… in the same vain, what I used to view as a chore or what I was ‘supposed to do’ now has become the greatest desire of my life without even thinking twice. Allow Jesus to be what fills your soul 24/7 and watch your life flip upside down when you give Him all the space in your heart. Love ya ❤️”

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