Netflix Chief Details Upcoming CHRONICLES OF NARNIA Adaptations

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Netflix Chief Details Upcoming CHRONICLES OF NARNIA Adaptations

By Movieguide® Contributor

Netflix film chief Scott Stuber recently revealed why he made a deal with Greta Gerwig to adapt C.S. Lewis’ “Chronicles of Narnia” books for the streaming service.

Variety executive editor Brent Lang asked Stuber, “I want to ask you about some upcoming films. You have Greta Gerwig adapting C.S. Lewis’ Narnia books. Why did you decide to make that deal? What about her as a filmmaker made you feel like that was a good fit with that material?”

“Greta’s been a friend for a while. Her husband, [director] Noah Baumbach, we’re close to, we’ve made, I think, three films,” Stuber began. “We’re starting another one. We have a big deal with them. If you don’t know her, she’s truly one of the greatest people, not an artist, but a human being. She’s just got this great soul. When we had [2019’s] MARRIAGE STORY, and she had LITTLE WOMEN, we all spent quite a bit of time on the awards trail together at dinners.”

“We don’t have IP, so when we had the opportunity [to license] those books or the [Roald Dahl Co.], we’ve jumped at it, to have stories that people recognize and the ability to tell those stories,” he continued. “So, it was just a great opportunity, and I’m so thrilled that she’s working on it with us, and I’m just thrilled to be in business with her. And she’s just an incredible talent.”

Stuber also shared how Gerwig plans to adapt the classic stories for the screen.

“Obviously, THE LION, THE WITCH AND THE WARDROBE is kind of the preeminent one, but there’s such an interesting narrative form [to the Narnia series] if you read all of them,” he explained. “And so that’s what she’s working on now with [producer] Amy Pascal and Mark Gordon and they’re trying to figure out how they can break the whole arc of all of it.”

While production hasn’t started yet, Netflix is hoping to begin filming sometime next year.

Stuber told Collider, “Well, I think people know that we’re aspirationally trying to get Greta Gerwig’s NARNIA together and get that movie, which will be next year.”

Movieguide® previously reported on Gerwig’s move to Netflix:

Known for her highly anticipated movie BARBIE, sources confirmed Greta Gerwig is set to direct a new Netflix adaption of NARNIA.

The Hollywood Reporter stated, “There is no official announcement but the New York reported that Gerwig has a deal to direct two films in author C.S Lewis’ NARNIA franchise.”

Additionally IDN reported, “According to a recent profile piece in The New Yorker, Gerwig will helm at least two Narnia movies for Netflix as part of the streamer’s long-gestating plans to bring the beloved Chronicles of Narnia series to life through multiple movies and TV shows.”

Back in 2018, Netflix announced its multi-year deal with the C.S. Lewis company. Later co-writer Matthew Aldrich was hired to serve as the “creative architect.” Aldrich would oversee the development of all movies and shows that derived from C.S. Lewis’ NARNIA.

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