Rob Lowe Shares Pride in His Sons: ‘I Think I Did Well as a Father’

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Rob Lowe Shares Pride in His Sons: ‘I Think I Did Well as a Father’

By Movieguide® Contributor

Rob Lowe is sharing the lessons he hopes he has passed on to his sons. 

“There are the things that you teach them and can articulate, and then there’s the stuff you hope they learn by example and observing,” the actor told Woman’s World. 

Lowe shares two sons with his wife Sheryl Berkoff — Matthew, 31, and John, 29.

“I would always try to teach them to be thoughtful, thankful, grateful, friendly, kind and polite. All that good stuff. And I told them to always look people in the eye and say please and thank you,” Lowe shared. 

The PARK AND RECREATION actor added that he hopes he imparted “the importance of work and academics” to both his sons, adding, “You have to get up and go to work everyday. And if you want something, you have to put in the time and effort.”

John has followed in his father’s footsteps, working as an actor. He currently stars in UNSTABLE alongside Lowe. The father-son duo created the show, and John also serves as a writer. 

“What he did, more than anything, was remind me of things that over 45 years of doing this, I might have forgotten,” Lowe said of working with his son. “He’s reminded me of the wonder, the excitement, the fun and the moments of creativity that happen on set. It’s new and you don’t know what’s around every corner, so he’s shown me the challenges and surprises.”

In an interview with Us Weekly, Lowe called UNSTABLE “the story of us.”

“It’s a story about a dad trying to love and support his son through everything, and his son putting up a little bit of a fight,” the actor said. “That is a story that almost every parent and child can relate to, and of course Johnny came in and made it all very hysterical.”

The actor is just as proud of Matthew. 

“I think I did well as a father because I have a son who not only passed the Bar and has his law degree but also has a commercial fishing license,” Lowe shared. “That, to me, speaks of well-roundedness.”

Lowe often speaks about his dedication to fatherhood and how things have changed now that his sons are adults. 

“The beauty of fatherhood is that it changes. When you’re young, being a father puts you back in touch with your own inner child. You get to revisit your own childhood through your kids, to reclaim it,” he told PEOPLE. “You get to experience their wonder and awe, and all of those amazing things.”

Loew continued, “Then they become young adults and adults, and to be able to guide them or be a part of decisions that are much more — I don’t want to say important, but important, you know? First houses, significant others, jobs. With all of that stuff, the stakes are way higher. It makes me glad to be around to give my two cents for what it’s worth.”

Movieguide® previously reported on Lowe’s thoughts on parenting adult children:

Actor Rob Lowe shared that he has reached a “whole other level of parenting” now that he’s dad to adult children.

Lowe has been married to makeup artist Sheryl Berkoff since 1991. The couple share two sons, Matthew, 30, and John, 28. 

“They finish college and now you’re at a whole other level of parenting,” Lowe laughed. “Like, okay, it’s the real world. Go to work, get a job, what’s that going to look like?”

Apparently, “the real world” looks like Lowe getting to collaborate with his sons. He and John are working together on Netflix’s UNSTABLE. The father and son duo serve as co-creators and executive producers, as well as stars of the show. 

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