Rob Lowe Talks Hardest Part of Gameshow Host Gig

Photo from Rob Lowe’s Instagram

Rob Lowe Talks Hardest Part of Gameshow Host Gig

By Movieguide® Contributor

Rob Lowe recently revealed the hardest part of his new gig as a gameshow host. 

“It kills me when they’re not doing well. It kills me,” he told Fox News of the contestants on THE FLOOR. “Like, I’m super invested.”

THE FLOOR sees competitors answer trivia questions for the chance to win $250,000.

Lowe’s love of trivia, plus his desire to “connect with people,” is what drew him to the job. 

“It allows me to do a very specific thing that I love to do, which is [to] be with people unscripted, on the fly, ad lib, hopefully be funny, and connect with people against the backdrop of money that changes these people’s lives,” he shared. “And then, of course, the game part, because I love games.”

Lowe is also preparing to shoot the upcoming season of 9-1-1: LONE STAR.

“What I love about LONE STAR is it’s very Ryan Murphy (who executive produces),” he told USA TODAY. “It’s very much pushing the boundary of believability. But every rescue or call is based on something that happened. We featured a guy getting sucked up into a tornado while in a portable outhouse. You can see that video of the real thing on YouTube. So there’s a lot of bizarre stuff out there. If it’s happened, we’re gonna find it.”

The actor is also working on the second season of UNSTABLE, which he stars in alongside his son, John Owen. 

“It’s a dream come true for us to jump back into the world of UNSTABLE. Here’s to season two and the many hours of family therapy that we will need along the way,” father and son said in a joint statement. 

Movieguide® previously reported on Lowe and Owen’s work on UNSTABLE:

“He’s already writing season two,” Lowe said of the show, which was inspired by his relationship with John. 

“He loves trolling me on social media. And we decided that people were so interested in it, how can we explore this maybe as a show?” the actor explained. “So we’ve come up with, I think, a really funny take on a benevolent narcissist father in the spotlight, who means very well.”

So, what is it like for the father and son to work together?

“You know what’s really weird, is I forget he’s my son when we’re shooting. Unless we’re doing scenes where we’re playing father and son,” Lowe laughed. “But making the show, what’s amazing for me and was a revelation, was I feel like I’m working with a peer. And he’s also the only partner I could have had making this.”

“There’s nobody else who I could do it with because no one else would understand,” he concluded.