Savannah Chrisley Learned This Life Lesson on SPECIAL FORCES

Savannah Chrisley Learned This Life Lesson on SPECIAL FORCES

By Movieguide® Contributor 

SPECIAL FORCES Season 2 cast member Savannah Chrisley shared a valuable lesson she learned while on the show. 

Chrisley told PEOPLE that although the experience was tough, she was grateful for some alone time. The former reality TV star recently took on the role of mother to her younger brother, Grayson, 17, and niece, Chloe, 10. 

“I think this experience came along at the perfect time because I had been just being mom, dad, sister, friend for like 24/7, and I had not gotten a break for myself,” Chrisley said. “And going into it, I was like, all right, so I finally get five minutes to myself.”

“So that was such a gift because it gave me time to process some things that I had been holding off on because I had been so focused on the kids,” she added. 

“But it also taught me, I’ve always been such a perfectionist and just wanting everything to be perfect, and this whole experience taught me that it’s okay to fail at certain things,” she explained. “It’s okay, just as long as you show up, sometimes that’s enough. You don’t have to be perfect. Just show up and that’s all that matters because that took enough, that took all the energy you had.”

“And it’s helped me teach the kids that you don’t have to be perfect. You don’t have to win at everything—just show up,” Chrisley continued.

Since her parents, Todd and Julie Chrisley, have been in prison for tax fraud, Chrisley has been the legal guardian for her brother and niece. 

She shared about her experience as a sister and stand-in parent on Instagram.

“I’m not their mom,” she wrote. “I’m not their dad. I’m their sister and I get to love and guide them through life. Being a bonus parent is TOUGH…no one could ever add up to their parents. But these kiddos have shown me so much love, patience, grace, understanding, and appreciation! Helping to raise these two kiddos is the hardest but most rewarding job I will ever have. I’ve always said, ‘God meant for me to be a mama!’… little did I know, the journey would start a little sooner than expected! But luckily, I have had THE MOST AMAZING mama in the world to learn from! Because of her I can do this!”

She continued, “Single parent/income households… I SEE YOU! We do it solo. IT IS HARD! It can be so defeating! But I promise you… God will NOT give us more than we can bare [sic]! I SEE YOU! I BELIEVE IN YOU! YOU CAN DO THIS!”

Movieguide® previously reported on the Chrisley’s faith: 

The Chrisley family are dealing with a series of issues, from a dangerous car accident, to ongoing legal trouble. 

Daughter Savannah recently updated fans on how her parents are facing the situation. 

“They’re pushing through,” she said. “We’re at a place where we put our faith in God. We definitely don’t put our faith in the system.”

Savannah continued, “I’ve never seen two people, my parents, be so steadfast in their faith and in prayer … just literally on their knees every morning praying. It’s just so admirable, and that’s kinda just my focus. Just watching them and still learning … growing from them in times like this, and just kinda staying strong through it all … knowing that, in the end, the truth will prevail. And it may get harder before it gets easier, but we have faith.”

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