Study: Americans Turn to TV and Movies Instead of Their Faith to Deal With Pandemic

Photo by Bermix Studio on Unsplash

Study: Americans Turn to TV and Movies Instead of Their Faith to Deal With Pandemic

By Allyson Vannatta, Senior Writer

A new Pew Research study found that Americans are turning to television instead of God since the pandemic started, with Christians being the top religious affiliation to do so.

The study surveyed over 10,000 Americans adults between July 13 and 19.

According to Christian Headlines, 89 percent of adults surveyed said they’re watching TV or movies daily or weekly. That number included 90 percent of Christians, 87 percent of Jews and 88 percent of people not affiliated with a religion.

However, when it comes to turning to their faith, the numbers are drastically smaller.

Only 55 percent said they pray weekly while 29 percent reported that they spent time in the Word reading Scripture.

On a more positive note, 72 percent of those that responded also revealed they were attending church virtually.

However, the study also showed that giving is down in churches.

Only 54 percent said they were giving the same amount of money to their church as before the pandemic. Meanwhile, 18 percent are giving less and a mere 8 percent reported they were giving more.

These new statistics should alarm believers.

As Christians, we are called to always put God above all else. The fact that almost 90 percent of Americans are turning to entertainment to cope with the pandemic instead of our Lord and Savior is staggering.

It shows that media discernment is more important now than ever. As Dr. Ted Baehr frequently quotes, “He who controls the media controls the culture.”

Most movies and television shows available to audiences through streaming don’t affirm or encourage Christian values.

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