Swimmer Riley Gaines Declares to ‘Know God Is to Love God’

Photo from Riley Gaines’ Instagram

Swimmer Riley Gaines Declares to ‘Know God Is to Love God’

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Former Kentucky swimmer and National Champion Riley Gaines joined the “Sports Spectrum Podcast” with Jason Romano to discuss her faith and when it really became her own.

Gaines decided to prioritize her faith in August 2020.

“So, that was, I would say, when my faith became my own, but even looking back now, I still don’t think at that time I had a good grasp,” she revealed. “I was kind of going through the motions. Yes, I was listening. Yes, you know, those things when I would attend church, but I don’t know if I acted in my day-to-day life like a churchgoer, like a Christian, like someone who embodies Christ and His message.”

When Gaines understood that her beliefs and her actions didn’t align, she began to change.

“And so, that’s when I started really spending more time in scripture, reading His word, His gospel, of course, in prayer, spending time with people around me who are strong in their faith, really acting as anchors even still in my life,” she said. “I kind of understood this cycle, really, and to know God when you know God, or, I guess, to know God is to love Him.

She continued, “When you love Him, you obey Him, and when you obey Him, He reveals Himself to you causing you to know Him more. And it’s almost this cycle that I found myself falling into. And, it really starts by of course reading scripture and actually knowing and communicating with God.”

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“I’ve always been spiritual. But this past year, I really have been spiritually awakened. I’ve seen so evidently how God moves through people, how He has His hand on me in this situation, in this fight,” Barker said last year of her fight for truth, per The Christian Post.

Now Gaines is a new author with a book titled, “Swimming Against the Current: Fighting for Common Sense in a World That’s Lost its Mind.

A synopsis of the book reads:

Riley scrutinizes the perspectives of athletes on the opposing side of this debate, deconstructing their arguments with science, facts, and logic. She also asks what has happened to free speech and dissent in this country, where it now seems nearly impossible to have a well-reasoned debate. And in telling her story, Riley reveals what’s at stake if the truth-seekers remain silent about the injustices women face from radical agendas.

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