THE CHOSEN Announces Christmas Special With Top Christian Artists

Dallas Jenkins with Mandisa, Photo from The Chosen’s Instagram

THE CHOSEN Announces Christmas Special With Top Christian Artists

By Movieguide® Staff 

Director of the award-winning faith-based series THE CHOSEN, Dallas Jenkins, invited fans to join him for their CHRISTMAS WITH THE CHOSEN TV special, which premieres on December 13.

The music special, produced by VidAngel Studios, will feature many famous Christian artists and talented musicians to celebrate the birth of Christ.  

“The world is suffering this Holiday Season, struggling with a pandemic, political unrest, economic turmoil, and physical separation from friends and loved ones. What we all need is hope. That’s the spirit behind this one-of-a-kind musical and entertainment experience,” Neal Harmon, CEO of VidAngel, said in a press release. “This entire special takes place at The Chosen’s stunning Jerusalem set in Utah, the setting for Season 2. Every artist who participates had the opportunity to film there, and we think audiences will love what they see.” 

In Jenkins’ video announcement, the director shared some of the details.

“I happen to be standing here on the set where we filmed season two of THE CHOSEN here in Utah. Now, why does this matter to you? Well on this very set we assembled a large group of amazing music artists for a huge Christmas special that we’ve put together for December 13,” Jenkins announced. 

THE CHOSEN became a significant success after season one. However, Jenkins reminded fans that the show’s journey began with a short film called THE SHEPHERD.  

“Why Christmas? Well THE CHOSEN actually began with a Christmas short film called THE SHEPHERD about the birth of Christ,” Jenkins said.  

“We’ll be showing you that, but also, check out this list of music artists who have come together to celebrate Christmas here on this set with THE CHOSEN: we’ve got For King and Country, Mandisa, Hillsong United, Joshua Aaron, Stephen McWhiter and Jason Clayborn, The Piano Guys, the Bonner Family, gosh even as I’m saying these names it’s overwhelming,” Jenkins added. “Phil Wickham, Zach Williams, Matt Mayer and Chris Tomlin all came together to celebrate Christmas with THE CHOSEN. I really want to see you there.”

The special is available for streaming on YouTube, Facebook, The Chosen App, and also on BYUtv, TBN, UPTV, and The Hillsong Channel. 

The 2-hour special, airing on December 13, will also feature a sneak peek of Season 2, a special airing of THE SHEPHERD, and special appearances from the cast.  

Here is the full schedule per a VidAngel: 

How and When to Watch

  • SOCIAL MEDIA SIMULCAST: Simulcast on YouTube, Facebook, and The Chosen App on December 13th @ 5pm PT/6pm MT/7pm CT/8pm ET
  • BYUTV: December 13th @ 5pm PT/6pm MT/7pm CT/8pm ET
  • TBN: December 17th @ 5:00 PT/6pm MT/7pm CT/8pm ET and also @ 8:00 PT/9pm MT/10pm CT/11pm ET and then again on the 25th @ 8:00 PT/9pm MT/10pm CT/11pm ET
  • UPtv: December 24th @ 4:30pm PT/5:30pm MT/6:30pm CT/ 7:30pm ET 
  • HILLSONG CHANNEL: December 17th @ 7:30pm PT/8:30pm MT/9:30pm CT/10:30pm ET