‘Ultimate Rescue Story’: Sight & Sound to Broadcast Live JESUS Production This Weekend

Photo via sight-sound.tv

‘Ultimate Rescue Story’: Sight & Sound to Broadcast Live JESUS Production This Weekend

By Jessilyn Lancaster, Managing Editor

Beginning Good Friday, premiere Christian theater Sight & Sound will broadcast “the ultimate rescue story” of JESUS live to the world.

“I love the way that our producer wrote and directed this show because it takes you through the lives of many familiar characters that we know by name like Mary, Peter, James, John, and we get glimpses of who they were before an encounter with Jesus and who they became after an encounter with Jesus,” Katie Miller, Sight & Sound’s communications manager, tells Movieguide®. “You can see your own life reflected in their journey and their struggles. The hope and the inspiration and the new life that they find in Him is an inspiration for all of us, especially coming out of this season, which has been hard, and it’s been lonely, and it’s been confusing and uncertain.”

JESUS is Sight & Sound’s second live production event, and the first to share the story of our Savior in real time from the stage to the screen.

Last Easter, more than 3 million people tuned into the prerecorded JESUS program that aired on TBN. This time, Miller says, the theater has a renewed vision for the salvation story that can only be shown in real time.

“We are passionate about live theater and there’s nothing in the world like experiencing live theater unfold in real time right before your eyes,” Miller said. “That’s one of the pieces I’m most excited about this year. It’s just it’s all feeling like this new and special thing that we’re literally counting down the days for.”

The JESUS live broadcast is actually birthed from the struggles the company encountered through the COVID-19 pandemic.

“What felt like defeat, what felt like an end, it felt like God actually turned into a new beginning of something that we were totally not expecting,” Miller says. “We laugh about it now because for years we have been saying that we want to do a live broadcast someday, but it felt so overwhelming that we never actually did it, but we kept talking about it. And then last year, we pulled it off during the middle of a worldwide pandemic with our broadcast of QUEEN ESTHER.

“It was almost like God used last year to be a catalyst to speed a lot of things up, and with having our locations closed for the handful of us that were still here, we actually got to have this razor sharp focus to launch this new thing, which we never would have been able to do in our normal operations,” Miller says. “This has been such a testimony of His faithfulness in our lives, in our ministry to just watch how He is taking what was a year of devastation truly for us, and yet at the same time, birthing a new thing, and so we’re excited to see where all He takes it in the future.”

JESUS, the live production, will premiere Friday, April 2, at 7 p.m. EDT on sight-sound.tv with encore showings throughout the weekend.