What the Movies Get Wrong About Santa Claus

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What the Movies Get Wrong About Santa Claus

By Movieguide® Staff

A big red coat, round belly, bushy white beard, sparkling eyes, and some sort of mystical knowledge of what every little girl and boy wants for Christmas — that’s pop culture’s Santa Claus, or Saint Nicholas. But what’s the truth about this legendary man?

Psychologist and author Wayne A. Van Der Wal wants to shed some light on the history of the real-life Saint Nicholas, better known as Santa Claus, around the globe.

Van Der Wal said that he was frustrated with how materialistic the celebration of Christmas had become, especially when he faced financial hardship after a divorce.

“I had been frustrated with the materialism of Christmas for a long time,” Van Der Wal said in a recent press release. “I desired to make Christmas more meaningful for my children and me, so when I started researching more about Santa Claus/St. Nick connection, [I discovered] wow, not only was he a real person, but he had a fascinating life story.”

Van Der Wal recently announced the launch of his new book, The Gospel of Santa Claus: Inspired by the True Story of Saint Nicholas.

“The seven years he spent researching and writing the book transformed the way he and his family celebrate Christmas. They now celebrate the birth of Jesus with more family time, fewer material goods and an emphasis on good deeds,” the release reads.

The historical book follows the life of St. Nicholas in the third century A.D. as he faces persecution for his faith and highlights his generosity and love.

Van Der Wal notes that as families work to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ this holiday season, his book will bring more meaning to the faithful, historical Santa Claus.

“I heartily endorse The Gospel of Santa Claus! I was blessed to share this book with my grandkids and church family. This book has become a part of our Christmas tradition. I think it will be the same for all who read it!” Terry Fred, Senior Pastor at Destiny Church Center, said.

“​​It’s Christmas Eve, and a troubled Joe and Mary and their three children are ​taking the train to visit family…​ ​

“​Suddenly, a bearded stranger with a twinkle in his eye takes a seat and begins spinning a provocative tale that intrigues, delights, and inspires. Masterfully weaving past and present through story, lessons, and devotions, The Gospel of Santa Claus follows the incredible story of Saint Nicholas,” the synopsis of the book reads.

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