Content: -2 Discretion advised for adults.

What You Need To Know:

BIKER BOYZ stars Laurence Fishburne as Manuel Galloway, the leader of a black motorcycle gang whose racing title is threatened by the boy he doesn't realize is his son. Plenty of loud and dangerous motorcycle stunts don't make up for the movie's pagan tone where everyone lives only for racing and drinking.


(PaPa, Ro, LL, VV, S, AA, D, M) Pagan worldview with everyone living for motorcycles and pool halls and decisions made from the emotion of the moment include much lying; moderately foul language with about 18 mild or strong obscenities; violence includes a fist fight and a knife fight; allusions to and talk of sex, but nothing explicit; no nudity but female cleavage; several depictions of alcohol and smoking; and, lying, cheating, gang life, and poor family role models.

GENRE: Action Adventure/Drama









More Detail:

BIKER BOYZ is about a man and a boy who love racing motorcycles. The man is Manuel Galloway (Laurence Fishburne), also known as “The King of Cali” and the president of a motorcycle club. The club consists solely of African-American men, mostly white-collar workers, who exchange their suits and ties at nights and on weekends for leathers and helmets.

At an annual drag-racing event in Fresno, Manuel is intent upon retaining his championship title, but a young lad has shown up to try and steal away the victory. The boy thinks his father has died, and his mother is very unhappy about the decision to race motorcycles. She continually warns her son that “bikers are just organ donors,” because they get killed so often in biking accidents.

The boy goes anyway, having formed a bike gang of his own, and meets Manuel, though he doesn’t like him because Manuel keeps telling him what to do. Finally, the mother shows up and reveals that the man and the boy are actually father and son. She confesses that she’d had an illicit relationship with Manual years earlier and had borne her son out of wedlock.

The father-son relationship slowly begins to change, and Manual ends up defending his son when another biker gang member pulls a gun on his boy. At the big race at the end of the movie, the stakes are high. Manuel comes face to face with his own heart and the place that winning holds in relation to the people in his life.

BIKER BOYZ is a popcorn movie. It talks about danger and the importance of safety, but the movie gives audiences stunts, wheelies and the excitement of the motorbike races. The theme of the movie, regrettably, is pagan, full of lying, broken families and misplaced values, interests and attitudes. The characters expend their money and time on racing motorcycles, playing pool and drinking alcohol.

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