Content: -2 Discretion advised for adults.

What You Need To Know:

The LITTLE GIANTS are a group of rag-tag, misfit children who form their own Pee Wee league to challenge the team from which they were rejected. With a talented cast led by Rick Moranis and filled with the extremely positive themes of courage, honor and teamwork, this movie should have been suitable for children of all ages. However, because of running flatulence jokes, non-stop coarse vocabulary, scatological humor, and a dangerous stunt depicted on a go-cart, sadly, it is not.


(H, LL, V, A, C, AB) Humanism featuring much scatological humor & crude behavior along with the positive moral that how one plays is more important than winning; 9 obscenities, 1 profanity & 17 vulgarities or crude expressions; go-cart races dangerously with moving train; alcohol use by minor character; "Grace" spoken at dinner table of least compassionate character; and, priest attempts prayer before football game but is thwarted & mocked.

More Detail:

In a film that should have been suitable for the entire family, but undeniably is not, the LITTLE GIANTS are a group of rag-tag, misfit youngsters not nearly good enough to be selected for the local Pop Warner football team yet go on to form their own. Under the inept but sensitive coaching of Danny O’Shae (Rick Moranis), who simply wants to prove that any child deserves a chance, this bumbling team must overcome frailties, ignorance of the game, budding puberty, and town skepticism. Will they be able to beat the favored Cowboys coached by Danny’s football-hero brother? Or is that even the goal?

LITTLE GIANTS is filled with wonderful elements. Rick Moranis and Ed O’Neill are terrific in their roles, and the overall themes are those of honor, determination, courage, and teamwork. The subject of a young girl struggling with her self-esteem and budding femininity is handled with sensitivity. However, the movie is irreparably marred by running flatulence jokes, non-stop coarse vocabulary and the depiction of a tempting, dangerous stunt involving a go-cart and a train that surpasses the boundaries of responsible filmmaking for children. Inside this vulgar movie is a touching story screaming to get out. This movie, sadly, will neither edify nor support the very audience it seeks.