Content: -1 Discretion advised for older children.

What You Need To Know:

MTV EXAMINED is an eye-opening, sometimes disturbing, glimpse into the influential world of one of the biggest, most popular networks on television. Reel to Real Ministries, with Eric Holmberg, delves into the immoral, violent and sometimes occult behavior beamed into millions of homes via MTV. The video contains some troubling and shocking scenes which may not be suitable for young viewers but are necessary to "expose the fruitless deeds of darkness."


(C, L, VV, SS, Ho, M) Strong Christian worldview; 1 obscenity; documentary exposing ideals & philosophy promoted by MTV through music videos & other programming endorsing rebellion, mocking traditional values & containing: cartoon depictions of young boys watching as couple has intercourse, implied & depicted masturbation, getting burned on a grill, "mooning", & implied bestiality; videos & shows depicting violence, implied & simulated intercourse, homosexuality promoted, & banana shoved down man's throat. All scenes are shown for the purpose of exposing the immorality promoted by MTV.

More Detail:

MTV EXAMINED is an insightful, yet disturbing, glimpse into the influential world of Music Television. Host Eric Holmberg delves into the immoral, violent and sometimes occult behavior beamed into millions of homes via MTV. Holmberg takes a close look at some of MTV’s videos, bumpers, shows, and cartoons to determine what kind of message is being thrown at today’s youth. In the 36 minute video, the viewer is bombarded with all kinds of suggestive, as well as explicit, images which may send shivers up your spine.

The video contains scenes which may disturb some people, especially younger viewers. However, as Christians, we are exhorted to “expose the fruitless deeds of darkness” (Ephesians 5:11), and doing so is not always very pretty. MTV EXAMINED provides an accurate, informative commentary on the music network’s various programming. Much footage is edited in doing so, and the viewer is flooded with various images and information, but Holmberg does a commendable job guiding the viewer through the fast-paced delivery. The point of the video is to provide responsible adults and parents with necessary information and can be summed up by Holmberg, himself: “Armed with the facts, you can then decide for yourself whether MTV should be welcome in your home.”