(FR, VV, N, M) Zen Buddhist worldview promoting responsibility for one's own fate; violence in several karate fight scenes (1 with blood); brief side view of woman in brassiere; and, willful destruction of property.

More Detail:

In THE NEXT KARATE KID, “Pat” Morita returns a third time as Miyagi, the stoic Zen practitioner who, in this sequel, meets the mother of an old army buddy. Because his friend had saved his life in the war, Miyagi feels a duty to befriend the mother and her 17-year-old granddaughter, Julie, who is acting out her anger at her parents’ untimely death. Julie’s problems at school involve a bully who has amorous designs on her, her new boyfriend and the tension between them all. Wanting to help Julie develop self-confidence, patience and a disciplined lifestyle, Miyagi takes her on a retreat to a Zen monastery. While there, Julie becomes “centered” and works on her karate skills. She and Miyagi return to defeat her foes.

Even though the Bible encourages us to develop our God-given talents, Scripture clearly tells us to depend on God through Jesus Christ for guidance and trust Him for the ultimate outcome. It is wrong to worship anyone but God alone, including the mastery of martial arts. THE NEXT KARATE KID contains many positive themes and elements, including a touching scene in which Miyagi teaches Julie how to waltz. However, caution is warranted concerning violence portrayed as a means to solve problems and the promotion of Eastern philosophy (Zen Buddhism).

Quality: - Content: +4
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Quality: - Content: +2