"A Stupid, Unbelievably Biased Hatchet Job"

Content: -4 Gross immorality, and/or worldview problems.

What You Need To Know:

W., lefty filmmaker Oliver Stone’s satirical take on the life of President George W. Bush, travels back and forth in time in Bush’s life. Part of it concerns Bush’s handling of the Iraq War from 2002 until before the recent, successful surge in American troop levels. Interspersed with this material is a look at Bush from his pledge days at a fraternity in Yale, up through his Texas governorship. These flashbacks end with Bush deciding to run for President for the 2000 election.

In almost every scene, the movie makes these historical events, and President Bush, look as bad and stupid as they possibly can. Many of the performances are nothing more than bad caricatures. Those viewers expecting a serious historical drama that fairly examines the ups and downs of Bush and his political career will be sorely disappointed. W. is nothing more than a stupid, unrealistic, obnoxious, and unbelievably biased hatchet job. It cruelly mocks Bush and other public figures. Except for one scene, it also mocks Bush’s Christian faith. Stone obviously thinks that the American people are stupid enough to accept this mindless liberal trash. Sadly, maybe they are.


(HH, AbAb, RHRHRH, C, LL, VV, S, N, AA, D, MM) Strongly humanist, anti-Christian worldview mocking silent prayer time in the Bush White House at the end of several meetings, full of revisionist, biased history about the life of President George W. Bush and his presidency, especially his efforts in Iraq that conveniently ignores his policy’s recent successes there as well as his crippling of the Al Qaeda terrorist group that performed the 9/11 terrorist attacks on America, and only one positive scene where Bush gets some sage spiritual advice from a caring Southern pastor; about 35 obscenities (including two “f” words), two strong profanities, two light profanities, and an obscene gesture; some newsreel footage about wars in Middle East, with some strong, but brief shots of seriously wounded and dead soldiers and people; no sex scenes but talk about getting a girl pregnant; upper male nudity; alcohol use and drunkenness; smoking; and, false and cruel ridicule and caricature of public figures that is mean, slanderous and bears false witness.

More Detail:

W. shows lefty filmmaker Oliver Stone returning to his evil roots after making the wonderful WORLD TRADE CENTER. There are plenty of reasonable, perhaps even good, reasons to criticize President George W. Bush on his policies and performance from a conservative or practical viewpoint without resorting to this kind of stupid, unrealistic, obnoxious, and unbelievably biased mockery of a sitting president. Those expecting a serious historical drama will be gravely disappointed, because W. is actually an over-the-top satire that teaches little or no truth, much less any profound insights into politics and history.

Basically, the movie opens in 2002 with a satirical look at a White House discussion concerning the President’s use of the term “Axis of Evil” in a major speech that year. The movie cuts back to his wild fraternity days in undergraduate college at Yale. From there, the movie takes Bush through conflicts with his father, who became the 41st president in 1989, his drinking, the meeting with Laura his future wife, his failed run for Congress, his commitment to Jesus Christ with a Texas pastor, the work he did on his father’s two campaigns for president, and his decision to run for governor of Texas. Interspersed with this biography are scenes featuring the mistakes Bush and his administration made in Iraq.

In almost every scene, the movie makes these historical events, and President Bush, look as bad and stupid as they possibly can. The performances of almost every one, especially Bush, Secretary of State Condi Rice, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, and General Tommy Franks, are performed like stupid caricatures. Even some re-creations of Bush’s speeches are meant to look worse or sillier than they actually were! Of course, the movie ignores the stirring parts of Bush’s speeches, especially his early ones after 9/11. It also ignores the recent success in Iraq after Bush decided to okay the surge in American troop levels. Nor does the movie mention how Bush’s tax cuts turned the economy around in 2002-2006, or his great success in crippling Osama Bin Laden’s terrorist group, Al Qaeda, in both Iraq and around the world. The movie also conveniently omits the many times when British Prime Minister Tony Blair gave a rousing defense of the Iraq War and Bush’s policies. Instead, the movie only has one scene at Camp David where a compliant, milquetoast Blair mildly questions Bush on Iraq.

Although the movie contains one positive scene where Bush gets help from a caring Christian pastor, other scenes mock Bush’s faith. Most of these scenes involve silent prayers that Bush does at the end of several meetings with his staff. There is a later scene, however, where the movie mocks a cross engraved on the pastor’s belt buckle when he comes to see Bush when Bush was governor of Texas.

Finally, W. fails to present any insights into President Bush’s socio-political philosophy that arguably makes him one of the most politically schizophrenic conservative/liberal leaders in American history. Instead, the movie reduces everything to silly psychobabble about possible conflicts between Bush and his father. This is not just stupid, it’s actually rather shallow and cliché.

Only an ignorant and hateful liberal and radical leftist, or an ignorant, uninformed American citizen, would believe or like this obviously ridiculous and inane, over-the-top hatchet job! Oliver Stone clearly doesn’t want the United States and its troops to achieve victory in Iraq, and maybe even in the War on Terror.

Left-wing tyrants in the mass media are pulling out all the stops to give the Democrats a leg up in this upcoming election. If the American people continue to accept this mindless, biased left-wing tilt so docilely, then they will deserve the coming liberal, anti-Christian tyranny they may be getting.

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