Content: -4 Gross immorality, and/or worldview problems.

What You Need To Know:

BETTER THAN CHOCOLATE tells about a 19-year-old Canadian girl named Maggie who simultaneously has a lesbian sexual relationship while trying to live with her mother and brother. BETTER THAN CHOCOLATE is extremely pro-homosexual, anti-morality and anti-Christian, and sinful sexual activity abounds.


Strong homosexual worldview with politically correct elements including strong anti-Christian biases & dumb, homosexual-bashing, stereotypical, repugnant Christian characters; 35 obscenities & 4 profanities & many sexual references; threats of violence; strong sexual content including heavy homosexual kissing, depicted homosexual fornication, sexual dancing, many depicted sex toys, transsexual person depicted & strong & implied heterosexual adultery & fornication; full female nudity depicted in many scenes; alcohol use; smoking & marijuana use; and, lying, cheating

More Detail:

Living a life of truth and dignity is BETTER THAN CHOCOLATE, but the filmmakers of the new lesbian romantic comedy using that same name would have everyone believe otherwise. BETTER THAN CHOCOLATE concerns a barely 19-year-old Canadian girl named Maggie, played by newcomer Karyn Dwyer, who works at a sex shop. She meets an unemployed traveling artist named Kim, played by Christina Cox. Within hours, they are kissing heavily and looking for a place for more sexual activity. They decide to live together into a large apartment, just when Maggie’s divorced mother and her younger brother decide to move into the apartment, too. Eventually, Maggie’s uptight chocolate loving mother becomes more sympathetic to the homosexual lifestyle, and Maggie gathers up the courage to out-herself.

BETTER THAN CHOCOLATE is extremely pro-homosexual, anti-moral and anti-Christian. Sexual activity abounds to the degree that one would gather that everything lesbians do involves either performing sex, talking about sex, or defending sex. There are many depictions of lesbian sexual activity here, as well as sexual literature and paraphernalia. A proselytizing Christian is portrayed as an ignorant buffoon, and those with morality are seen as uptight prudes.

This movie is one big giant pro-homosexual diatribe that depicts hyper-sexual, barely legal age adults trapped in a world that is limited to mainly surviving to have the next sexual encounter. It is very sad and grievous, even as it purports to be comedy.

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