Content: -3 Excessive content and/or worldview problems.

What You Need To Know:

In an attempt to recapture the humor and excitement of the 48 HOURS and LETHAL WEAPON movies, Universal releases BULLETPROOF. An undercover cop must escort a prisoner across country to turn over as evidence on a heroin ring. The prisoner, however, is his best friend. In spite of its dozen car crashes and blood-spewing battles, this is a horribly dull and poorly acted film.


(Pa, LLL, VVV, SS, NN, A, D, Ab, M) Pagan worldview of drug & crime world; 94 obscenities, 12 profanities & 20 vulgarities; extensive violence including dozens of bloody murders by a variety of weaponry & violent bar fight; man flirts with transvestite motel owner, references to sadomasochism, implied group sex, hard core porn being played on the television, man lives with girlfriend, & references to prostitution; full female & rear male nudity; alcohol use & implied drinking binges; drug use by main characters, heroin stored in Bibles & implied drug smuggling; and, theft, pet dog gets drunk & making fun of the mentally retarded

More Detail:

In BULLETPROOF, Archie and Rock are the best of friends. That is, until Archie reveals he has been running heroin for a well-known car dealer named Colton. Rock is employed by the police department, and his real name is Jack Carter. He has been waiting to catch Mr. Colton for a year. Still undercover, Jack meets with Colton and Archie. The two end up visiting Colton’s warehouse, where mass quantities of heroin are stored away in Bibles. A couple of the dealers get suspicious, and war breaks out. Archie flees but is caught by state police in Arizona. He is more than willing to turn over evidence on Colton in exchange for a lighter sentence. He has one condition: Jack must escort him home. Now, Carter must travel across the country with a his murderous, dope-dealing, former best friend.

Wrapped around this tale of friendship and mistrust is an abundance of violence, murder, pornography, and sadomasochism. The script is shallow, and the characters are poorly drawn. BULLETPROOF is a poor attempt at resurrecting several successful action/comedy films of the eighties. Wayans and Sandler lack the charisma of their predecessors, and with such a poorly written and directed film, even the charm they possess cannot save this poorly written, foul-mouthed, exploitation film.