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Profanity and obscenity; excessive violence and murder; and, promiscuity and crude sexual references.

More Detail:

KEATON’S COPS is a standard cops and robbers picture with dreary scenery, paper-thin character development and an even thinner plot. Detectives Mike Gable and Jake Barber are two mismatched cops sent to investigate a bungled murder attempt at a nursing home. The intended victim was Louie Keaton, an aging bookie released from prison in his twilight years. He is no longer a threat to society, yet someone wants him dead.

“Big Mama” (in a crude sexual reference) is the inheritor of the mob empire who sees Keaton as a possible threat and wants him dead. She sends various laughable hit men after Keaton, who is now protected by Detective Gable. His partner, Barber (Don Rickles), leaves the script early when he catches a shotgun blast to his back.

Gable proceeds to have a promiscuous relationship, then it’s on to mindless car chases and unsuccessful murder attempts. Plenty of blood is graphically spilled by peripheral, throw-away characters. Laughably, Gable takes a bullet through his arm, but is not deterred from more promiscuity. Another bullet through his thigh doesn’t even receive medical attention.

Somehow, the film communicates that the act of promiscuous sex between strangers, so long as nudity is not shown, is a natural, good and wholesome thing which develops as an extension of friendship. Christians know that nothing is further from the truth, and “that those who live like this will not inherit the kingdom of God” (Gal 5:21). This polluting of moral standards by cinematic technique is blatantly more overt than it used to be, and particularly hazardous for children who will think that sex follows friendship. The profanity and mindless violence is as gratuitous as the promiscuity and also needs to be rebuked.

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