Content: -4 Gross immorality, and/or worldview problems.

What You Need To Know:

Set in Brighton, New York, LITTLE ODESSA gets its name from the Russian-Jewish immigrants who settled there. LITTLE ODESSA is the tragic tale of the severely dysfunctional Shapira family. Compounding this problem, the Russian Mafia steps in to control the moves of each family member in a chess-like game yielding high fatalities. A poor attempt at "art" cinema, this violent and obscenity filled film falls short of any true creativity.


(AB, LLL, VVV, SSS, NN, A, D, M) Anti-biblical world view; over 50 obscenities, 10 profanities & 20 vulgarities; God is mocked in an execution-style murder & multiple graphic murders; flaunted adulterous affairs; partial female frontal nudity in sexual context; alcohol use by minor & adults; implied drug use by a minor & adults; smoking; and, revenge (vendetta by the mob) and blackmail

More Detail:

In the ultra-violent LITTLE ODESSA, we are introduced to the Shapira family of Brighton, New York. It is comprised of a philandering father, a terminally ill mother, their elder son, Jacob, a gang member involved in the killing of a Russian Mafia member’s son, and young Ruben who is participating in self-destructive behavior. Jacob is disinherited by his father and condemned to leave Brighton forever by the Russian Mafia. Ruben idolizes his older brother and tries to mimic him. When Jacob returns to see his dying mother, Ruben joins him in a life of a crime. At their mothers death, Jacob decides to murder his father, but eventually spares him. The Mafia discover Jacob is in town, and they rough-up Ruben to force him to disclose Jacob’s whereabouts. Jacob, Ruben and the Mafia conclude with confusing gun play costing Ruben his life, and Jacob his brother.

LITTLE ODESSA’s production quality left much to be desired, and the plot is a twisted, garbled melange of a dysfunctional family’s search for peace while embroiled in political corruption and gangland justice, all of which performed by sub-par acting. A poor attempt at “art” cinema, this violent and obscenity filled film falls short of any true creativity, and furthermore teaches the false notion that might makes right.

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