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A photographer with a broken leg pieces together a murder while looking into a neighbor's apartment, which nearly causes him to become murder number two in REAR WINDOW. Completely free of obscenity or profanity, the suspense classic by Alfred Hitchcock stars Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly and turns the ethical issues of privacy and voyeurism into a nerve-racking dilemma.


(B, V, S, A, M) Moral worldview; suspected murder, around which the plot revolves; implied fornication; alcohol use; and, ethical questions involving invasion of privacy and voyeurism.

More Detail:

In the suspense classic, REAR WINDOW, James Stewart stars as L.B. Jeffries, a photographer confined to a wheelchair with a broken leg who pieces together a murder while looking into a neighbor’s apartment. His own New York apartment gives him a perfect view of his neighbors. The actions of one neighbor catch Jeffries’ attention: he sees a salesman across the way, Mr. Thorwald, wrapping up a long knife and a saw; later, Thorwald goes out in the middle of a rainy night carrying his sample case; and finally, Thorwald’s wife is missing! Suspicions increase when Jeffries and his society girlfriend, Lisa, see Thorwald roping up a trunk. This sets them sleuthing around for the truth on their own, since a detective they’ve been trying to convince will not believe their suspicions. The eventual climax is hair-raising to say the least.

REAR WINDOW is a suspense masterpiece by the master: Alfred Hitchcock. This is a fine production fusing the likes of James Stewart and Grace Kelly in a setting where, in a hot apartment, everyone has their windows open for lives to be seen and a murder to be pieced together. A 1954 classic which features no blood, no dead body and no foul language, REAR WINDOW is one “whodunit” which deserves a second peek.