What You Need To Know:

Writing an unauthorized biography about a convicted murder, Mitchell Osgood's blind AMBITION to investigate "the real story" leads to his psychological destruction in this fast-paced thriller. Extreme caution is advised as this movie contains obscenities, nudity and graphic violence. However, an intriguing theme of overcoming unfolds through Albert, who is freed by accepting the power of God's Word and the image of a merciful Christ to deliver him from evil.


(LL, VV, N) 11 obscenities and 2 profanities; Four violent scenes (graphic depiction of a parole officer's throat being cut; smothering and stabbing of a dying man; fight and attempted murder; numerous violent flashbacks of one scene; a seduction and murder committed during a psychotic episode); and nudity, with a bare-breasted prostitute in a G-string.

More Detail:

Writing an unauthorized, loosely-constructed biography about a convicted murderer, Mitchell Osgood’s blind AMBITION to investigate “the real story” leads to his psychological destruction in this fast-paced thriller.

Feeling rejected after his publisher shuns a book he has written about his father, Mitchell’s interests turn to a soon-to-be released prisoner, Albert Merrick. This new subject quickly becomes an obsession, compelling Mitchell to ponder Albert’s psyche and motives for murder.

When the confused but “rehabilitated” Albert is released from prison, Mitchell befriends him with a job in the bookstore he manages. Through a series of deceptions, Mitchell sets up circumstances to provoke a traumatic response from Albert. For instance, he switches Albert’s Lithium pills with flour-filled capsules.

Driven by unrestrained ambition, with no apparent conscience about what he’s doing, Mitchell tempts Albert to re-commit his former crimes. Thirsting for self-recognition rather than truth, Mitchell places his customers, business associates, finance, and even his dying father in severe jeopardy in hopes of framing Albert.

Ultimately, Mitchell believes Albert’s outcome is sure and writes an ending to his book before it becomes fact. This ending becomes his success as a writer, but his destruction as a man. Romans 8:6 sums up his fate: “For the mind set on the flesh is death, but the mind set on the Spirit is life and peace….”

An intriguing theme of overcoming unfolds through the three main characters, Mitchell, Albert and Tatay, all of whom have a harassing “demon” causing them to suppress truth. Mitchell conquers his feelings of rejection with blind ambition and determination to prove his success as a writer. His father, Tatay, overcomes guilt through vicarious suffering and an extreme view of religion. Most significantly, Albert is freed by discovering truth. Suppressing the sins of others against him, Albert was disillusioned by his family and friends. However, at the moment of decision, Albert accepted the power of God’s Word and the image of a merciful Christ to deliver him from evil.

Extreme caution is advised because AMBITION contains obscenities, nudity and much graphic violence. However, it is to be commended for its portrayal of Albert’s deliverance from evil.