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What You Need To Know:

ANTONIA'S LINE is the story of Antonia and her daughter Danielle, who go back to live on the family farm in Holland after World War II. Depending on their womanly strengths and resources, they go on to spawn more generations of daughters. Lesbianism, unwed pregnancies, sex for pleasure, promiscuity are all presented as acceptable within the film's context of obeying only the natural instincts of one's human desires.


(Ab, Fr, Pa, Ho, L, VV, SSS, NNN, D, A, M) Anti-biblical, non-Christian, pagan worldviews with an irreligious & irreverent outlook on religion including blasphemous conduct by a church minister, moral conduct is based entirely on one's needs & desires & nature is the mother & force of all life; practice of lesbianism; 5 vulgarities & 2 profanities; man's head forcibly submerged in water, violent accidental deaths with some bloody images, a man hanging himself, girl impaling man's hand with pitchfork, man kicking girl, murder, suicide, & gang assault; numerous scenes of sexual trysts with 2 explicit scenes involving a heterosexual couple & a lesbian couple, 2 rape scenes & 1 implied rape, segment of 16 continuous intercuts of couples having sex, several sexual references in conversations, father bulgarizes daughter's sexuality in bar, promiscuity (sex is either for pure pleasure or unwed propagation), out of wedlock pregnancies, rape, & man cupping fully clothed girl's breasts; half & full female & male nudity with 1 naturalistic nudity; alcohol abuse with drunkenness; cigarette smoking; and, rampant miscellaneous immorality -- blackmail, revenge, & images of dead becoming alive but only as an extension of the imagination.

More Detail:

ANTONIA’S LINE tells the story of a woman Antonia and her daughter Daniele who returns to Antonia’s village in the Dutch countryside just after World War II. They stay on the family farm, and Antonia re-establishes herself in the village of her birth. A local widowed farmer, Bas, sets his eye on Antonia, but his marriage proposal is turned down. In time, Danielle wants a child, and mother and daughter seek out a man to impregnate Danielle. As the seasons grow and change, Danielle bears a daughter Therese. Therese is a child prodigy in mathematics and music, who much later gives birth to Sarah. The farm is now a busy, thriving place with four generations of women. The story starts and ends with Antonia’s death, revealing her life and the life of the generations that follow.

Basically a story of generational growth, ANTONIA’s LINE is a definite emphasis on feminism. Men in this film are either friendly shadows or brutes. Besides this overpowering feminist theme, sub-plots of rage, murder and suicide are included. The film mocks and rejects Christianity, making intellect a preferred choice and revealing the village minister as a coward. The story is irreverent and irreligious. Themes of lesbianism and promiscuity and numerous explicit, sexual and full nudity segments further add to the undesirability of this film.