What You Need To Know:

The BIG BULLY, in the movie BIG BULLY, is Tom Arnold. As a child he picked on a boy named David. Now, as an adult, he gets another chance to pick-on the grown-up David. Although the movie shows putting aside childish ways and restoring hurt relationships, its antics borders on psychotic violence, and the movie also includes a number of extraneous obscenities.

More Detail:

Tom Arnold plays a shop teacher named Ross in small town Hastings, Minnesota. As a child he was a BIG BULLY. In the fourth grade, he used to beat up the class nerd named David. One day, David discovers that Ross stole a moon rock on display at the school. Ross got taken away by the police and sent to reform school, while David and his family moved away. Years pass, and David, played by Rick Moranis, is a divorced writer with a son. He gets an offer from his old school in Hastings to teach a Creative Writing course. He accepts the offer and moves. In Hastings, he meets up with Ross, and old feelings are resurrected. Ross starts harassing David again, and even their kids start fighting. Through hallway fight scenes to high-danger waterfall spills, the grown men and their boys learn to settle their differences.

This movie has many problems. It is boring and not very funny. This movie is not for children. Not only does it have the borderline psychotic antics of a bully, but it also includes a great deal of obscenities, some of which come from youngsters. It is too trite to give a good moral lesson, and too violent to be a good comedy. It is a bland movie that has good talent and a good premise, unlike the power of a BIG BULLY.