Content: +2 Moderately questionable elements.

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What You Need To Know:

The very funny CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN stars Steve Martin and Bonnie Hunt as parents of 12 children who must confront their priorities when their careers get in the way. CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN is highly entertaining. Although it is not the beloved original novel, it makes a tremendous number of positive, redemptive, and moral points including affirming the resurrection of Jesus Christ in the midst of messy situations.


(CCC, BBB, PC, L, V, S, N, M) Very strong implied Christian worldview, with positive mention of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, and very strong moral, Christian values triumph, including love, family, forgiveness, decency, repentance, and morality, as well as some politically correct elements, which are usually rebuked in the movie; three light obscenities, two light exclamatory profanities, and vomit jokes; mild slapstick violence, the worst of which is falling from a chandelier, father falls on boy, some fighting, tripping, pratfalls, tumbling, but nothing very intense; light sexual content, such as kissing, light sexual discussions, and some double entendres; naturalistic nudity includes upper male nudity and girl in T-shirt and panties; possible alcohol use at neighbor's party; no smoking; and, lying not always rebuked, practical jokes, girl living with boyfriend rebuked, and childhood rebellion rebuked.

More Detail:

The very funny CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN begins with Kate Baker (Bonnie Hunt), writing her novel CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN. She explains how she had 12 children over 23 years. Although their lives are in constant flux and pretty messy, they all love each other. They live in a small town where the father, Tom (Steve Martin), is the winning high school coach. Life changes when Tom gets an offer to coach his college team in Chicago. The children do not want to move, but Kate supports him. Soon after they move, Kate has to head to New York for her publisher. She has never left her family before this. Of course, once she leaves, pandemonium breaks out in the household.

Although CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN is not the classic novel, it is a wonderful movie which makes a positive, redemptive, and moral points including affirming the resurrection of Jesus Christ in the midst of messy situations. Forgiveness, love, family, decency, and morality triumph in a big way. The director keeps all the balls in the air, which makes the movie the most enjoyable feature film that’s been released so far this Christmas season.