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When the mother of young Amy Alden dies, she goes to live with her eccentric father in Canada in the movie FLY AWAY HOME. Amy and her father do not get along until a nest of baby goslings binds them together. With a moral theme of father and daughter learning to love each other, the movie is marred by a few obscenities and a new age suggestion that the deceased mother is watching over their lives.


(B, Pa, NA, L, S, N) Moral worldview of family love with New Age element where deceased mother presides over the family; 3 obscenities; implied live-in girlfriend situation; and, one scene with father standing in front yard in his underwear

More Detail:

FLY AWAY HOME is based on the true story of a young girl, Amy Alden . When her mother dies, Amy must move from New Zealand to Ontario to live with her father whom she hasn’t seen since her parents divorced. Her father, Thomas, lives on a farm making garish sculptures. One day, Amy finds a nest of Canadian geese eggs abandoned by their mother. The birds become a bridge that bonds Amy and her father together. Enduring threats of confiscation by local authorities, Amy and her Dad devise a plan to not only to teach the birds how to fly, but also encourage them to fly south for the winter. With ultra-light planes, Amy accompanies her father in an attempt to lead the geese to a wetlands natural habitat in the Southern U.S.

The scenery and cinematography are striking. The film succeeds as a “family friendly” film with the sad exception of three needless obscenities. The film further suffers from the unfortunate introduction of New Age element where Thomas tries to console Amy with the adage that her mother’s spirit still watches over her. There is also an implied live-in girlfriend, however in the film, the girlfriend never lives in the house. All in all, however, the film uplifts and encourages healthy relationships between fathers and daughters.

Quality: - Content: +3
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