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What You Need To Know:

Spike Lee turns to the world of phone sex with his latest movie GIRL 6. At once lewd and shocking with its frank sex talk, it is also a case study in the loss of dignity that occurs when one's quest for fame and fortune outweighs moral sensibilities. Lee deserves some credit for showing its shallow rewards and dangers, but he may have glamorized the business as much as condemned it.


(Pa, C, LLL, V, SSS, N, A, D, M) Pagan worldview demonstrating a woman compromising values & isolating herself from the world, Christian elements including positive depictions of prayer & Bible reading; extensive foul language including 71 obscenities, 24 vulgarities, 4 profanities, & extensive sexually suggestive talk with many euphemisms for sex & sexual organs; mild action violence including kicking & implied murder through shooting in mock blaxploitation movie; pornography use & extensive simulated sex through phone sex; upper female nudity & male rear nudity; alcohol use; brief marijuana use; and, stealing

More Detail:

Spike Lee turns to the world of phone sex with his latest movie GIRL 6. At once lewd and shocking, it explores the loss of dignity when fame and fortune outweigh morality. Newcomer Teresa Randall plays a struggling actress in New York City named Judy. With few casting calls, Judy feels more pain than joy in her chosen profession. At one casting call, the director asks Judy to take off her top. She does, but walks out extremely embarrassed. She doesn’t want to compromise her morals for her craft. Yet, with no money, Judy begins to explore the idea of being a phone sex operator. Soon, Judy begins to make money. Judy regains some self-esteem, but loses genuine human relationships.

This movie regains some moral dignity by contrasting Judy’s descent into sin with her spiritual consciousness. Spike Lee does a good job in showing the humiliation and dangers of fantasy sex as it erodes the moral consciousness and spiritual health of its victims. The phone sex talk is very explicit, but Lee has restrained himself by using euphemisms for sex and sexual organs. Nevertheless, this movie fails as a morality tale because Judy leaves phone sex, but at the expense of loosing her few true relationships. So, she chooses to forgo the grace than could have been hers, to face similar temptations.