What You Need To Know:

In JOE'S APARTMENT, computer-animated roaches infest a rent-controlled apartment in the East Village, causing turmoil in a young man's life. The first full-length feature from MTV, it falls flat with cardboard characters, mediocre plot and too much toilet humor.


(Pa, LLL, VVV, S, N, Ab, M) Pagan worldview; roaches cursing, burping, mooning & planning murder, 17 obscenities, 3 profanities, a rock band with obscene name, lots of toilet bowls, manure shots, urine cakes, & various bathroom jokes; moderate violence including old lady thrown down stairs, woman dropped head first from apartment window, mugging, & shoot outs with police; one heavy make-out scene with couple under the sheets, corrupt transvestite senator, roaches hand man a condom for a date, & roaches watching porno roach TV; roaches sing a gospel; and, extensive miscellaneous immorality

More Detail:

In MTV’s first feature, JOE’S APARTMENT, Joe steps off the bus from Iowa and sets foot into a New York cockroach-filled apartment. The bugs, led by the fearless Rodney Roach, harass the young Midwesterner, methodically taking control of the apartment. Yet, the roaches like Joe. He is a slob and lets them eat plenty of leftovers. Things go too far when they ruin Joe’s first date with Lily. Joe invites Lily back to his apartment, and the roaches reveal themselves en mass. Joe turns into Rambo and battles them with a pesticide bomb. The roaches fight back, defeating Joe and leaving him for dead in his burning apartment. Later, the roaches repent and decide to help Joe win back Lily.

Writer, director John Payson has expanded his vision of the original three-minute Joe’s apartment on MTV. The stars of this movie are the roaches, but the humor never hits home. Three-quarters of the gags are toilet and fertilizer jokes. In the film’s finale, they, with blasphemy, belt out a gospel tune in praise of what they’ve accomplished. This film may be a dark warning of the signs of the times — roaches belching, mooning, and watching porno, awaiting their turn to rule the earth. These bugs need extermination.